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  1. Offer your customers several ways to contact us

Nowadays it can be difficult to reach the customer service department to solve a small problem. Different ways of contacting are crucial so that the customer can contact you easily and directly.

The goal should be that all customers can reach you by phone, email, live chat, internet, etc. In addition, callers should not have to wait longer than necessary to speak to you.

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  1. Confirm receipt of the request

Most customers put up with hours of waiting to reach customer service over the phone. Because they assume that their request will be processed when they speak to an employee. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Regardless of whether you receive an inquiry by phone, e-mail, or the Internet: confirm receipt of the inquiry and provide a ticket number and a contact person. Because it is good to know that a message has arrived.

  1. Give customers new ideas and impulses to improve their business processes

There is so much to do on a working day that many don’t have time to take a deep breath – not to mention the development of new ideas.

Become your customers’ confidant and advisor. Give them tips on how to make their work more efficient, or ideas on how to save money or increase their earnings. This is an extra service that you offer your customers “just like that” and which has a positive long-term effect on customer loyalty.

  1. Use every opportunity to thank your customer for his order

Customer loyalty is not a matter of course. Surprise your customers and show your gratitude! Every invoice, every customer visit, every milestone reached together gives you the opportunity to say thank you. Birthdays and public holidays are also a good occasion to thank the customer for cooperation.

  1. The customer is always right

If you have not been able to meet your customers’ expectations in the past, do so, and do whatever is necessary to meet the customer’s needs.

Once a solution is found, ask regularly to make sure it works well and the customer is happy. The same applies when you sell a product or service to a new customer.

  1. Keep your promises

Customers want a partner they can rely on. Only make promises that you can keep. Even if it can be difficult at times, lower customer expectations, and then try to exceed them.

Keep your promises to the customer. In this way, you win his trust. If you fail to keep your promises repeatedly, your relationship with the customer will soon be destroyed.

  1. Understand your customers and their requirements

Don’t talk past the customer and don’t try to sell him something he doesn’t need. Show your sincere interest by asking good questions.

Before a meeting with the customer, write a list of the key 5-10 questions that will help you understand the customer and his or her business. You don’t necessarily have to ask all of these questions, but your foresight and willingness to listen will create good relationships and trust in the long run.

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