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YouTube channelTips for making a video to help your YouTube channel

YouTube has gained a lot of popularity, and because of this, video content is getting more and more popular, even the other social media platforms are based on video content or video marketing. Before building your YouTube channel, you should know how to make engaging and exciting videos first. As a beginner, you must know different aspects of YouTube and several basics of video creating and editing if you want to start your YouTube channel learn how to increase your YouTube channel visibility and the target audience.

Millions of active users on YouTube consume billions of hours of video content every day. The new YouTube Stats are really crazy to see. It is an excellent opportunity to grab and make the most out of it.

It would be best to consider several things before you start your YouTube channel. You must know how to use perfect tools and create exciting video content for your channel. It would help if you had a YouTube strategy in place before you start creating your videos. It would be best if you understood who your audience is and what they are looking for on YouTube. Identifying your audience is essential as they will be the ones who will engage with your videos and subscribe to your content. Let’s check out some tips to create a perfect video for your YouTube video:

Know your video equipment

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and believe you don’t have the necessary equipment to make your film. It’s exciting to have high-end equipment, and there’s no doubt that greater equipment will result in higher video quality. Keep in mind that highly specialized equipment can be challenging to operate and requires significant time and training to master. Try not to get too caught up in the details of your equipment, especially when you’re first starting. First and foremost, focus on improving your content creation skills, and worry about upgrading your gear later.

You can create good videos with just a smartphone, good lighting, and your creativity, you can create amazing videos. Several resources can help you in acing your video creation game. Listed below are some of the equipment that you can use while creating your video:

  • Microphone

A microphone will increase the overall quality of your video, whether it’s for your mobile device, direct input into your camera, or even a digital recorder. A good microphone does not have to be expensive, but it is worth the investment.

  • Screen recorder

Screen recording is a great way to create videos. You can use a screen recording tool to record or edit videos. This tool will be an excellent way to start your video editing journey. You can then use a video editor to edit your screen record videos.

  • Lighting

The lighting of the place where you shoot your video is crucial. If there is no natural light, you can use a flash or ring light to use artificial lighting. Lights may also improve the look of videos taken on a mobile device and can be a good investment. When you first start, you don’t have to spend much money on lights. A simple set will help you make a professional-looking video because the lighting combines science and creativity.

  • Camera

Cameras can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. While DSLRs and other high-end cameras can dramatically improve the quality of your video, there are several new designs and technologies in cameras available now, they also add a plethora of settings and options to manage, making the process of shooting your video more complicated.

An external webcam is a low-cost way to improve the quality of your video. When compared to external webcams, most built-in webcams are of poor quality. Also, keep in mind that you undoubtedly have a decent camera in your pocket, backpack, or purse. Most modern smartphones can shoot video in full HD (1080p), and several of them can even record in 4K.

Record your video

Once you are done setting up your equipment, it is time for you to start shooting your video. It would be best if you decided on the topic or the central idea of your video. Once that is done, you should start recording your video. It would help if you considered several things before recording your video.

YouTube channel
Record your video
  • Script

A script may appear stiff, but it’s an excellent tool for staying focused. Plan out the visuals that will accompany each line of conversation (shots, angles, graphics, etc.). If you already have a blog article on the subject, it is recommended that you write a script based on it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. If a script seems excessive, a simple outline will assist you in talking through your arguments and is preferable to pressing the record button without a plan.

  • Declutter

One of the most common mistakes to avoid is having too much clutter on and off the screen when recording yourself. You want your workplace to be clean and presentable if you’re recording the video at your desk or if the location of the shoot is in your home. For enhanced video quality, use an external webcam positioned behind your laptop or, even better, convert a DSLR camera into a webcam.

  • Position the camera correctly

Adjust the angle of your webcam or camera so that your viewers don’t have to gaze up at you. Keep the Rule of Thirds in mind, or place yourself in the middle of the frame.

Once you set up all these things, you can record your video. You can also screen record your video by sitting in front of the laptop screen. You can use any way to record yourself. Once you are done with recording the video, move to edit.

Edit your video

Editing is the most important part of video creation. It can take a lot of time, but you will love editing your videos once you become proficient in it. As a beginner, you can do the following things to edit your video.

YouTube channel
Edit your video
  • Trim

We frequently add a few seconds to the beginning and finish. Drag the end of the clip “in” to delete the additional stuff. Trimming is the term for this. If you accidentally cut too much off your video, you can restore it by dragging the video clip back. It’s important to remember that any changes you make to the timeline will not affect the original recording in the media bin.

  • Cuts

To remove a section, drag the grey-colored handle-like structure on the play head to the region you want to delete, then click the cut button. A stitched line appears, indicating the location of the cut. Double-click the play head to bring it back together after you’ve made a selection.

  • Transitions and titles


Once you trim and cut your video, you can add transitions to it to make it more exciting. You can also add text to make your video comprehensive. It will also help you in increasing your user base.

Add a Video Intro

Your readers will be drawn into your content by a video intro. Use an intro maker tool to create a video intro, and remember to keep it short and sweet. Viewers want to get to the heart of your content as quickly as possible. They are only interested in what you have promised to teach them. An intro can be utilized in all of your YouTube videos, playlists, or even just a single video.

Add Music

Finally, you should include music in your video. It will most likely take you longer to select the music you want to utilize than it will incorporate into your film.

Using music from a premium royalty-free music provider is your best bet for most reasons. While the music will not be free, it will be reasonably priced, and you will have a greater selection of high-quality music to choose from. 


Using all the steps listed above, you will find great content for your YouTube channel. It might take you a little time to get adjusted to it, but there is no stopping you once you do!


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