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You have to take your own notes in class – the professors will give handouts from time to time but this does not give you an open pass to avoid taking notes. It may seem indomitable since he talks for more than an hour per class. Use these tips to help you take good notes in class so that you will have helpful notes for your study.

Maintain your notes in an organized way. Every time you take a class where you expect to take notes, immediately put the date and class name at the top of your page. The key is to keep your class notes once you get back to your room.

Put a title for different categories or themes above. This will greatly help your note-taking effort. Try using a red marker to record the title of each new topic, set it from the rest of your notes.

Write a short and concise point format. The most important part of what the teacher is saying is that you should just try to write. For example: Try “factory = environmental pollution” instead of writing the whole sentence “factories contribute to environmental pollution”.

The bullet is how you start a point format note. Also, a dash serves the same purpose. Write down the most important words needed to make your professor’s ideas understandable. Some words like “, and,” may be omitted for the purpose of taking notes in class. Don’t spend too much time recording the idea and missing out on other important things your professor has said.

Study Notes – There are two things you need to do to make the most of your class notes

Now that all your notes are together, what do you do with the notes?

In this article, I will list step by step how to make the most of the notes you receive during the lecture session.

First, look at them as soon as possible after the talk.

This is when the ingredients are still fresh in your mind. Repetition at this point fascinates the content of your brain even more. It helps a lot in transferring memory from the short-term area to the long-term region of the brain.

In addition to this, you will be able to supply missing parts to notes from memory. This helps to make your notes more accurate. Some students transfer content from their notes to the computer and make this practice an activity to improve the impression. It’s useful, but it can be time-consuming.

In addition to these post-class activities, you should do a second review of your notes in preparation for the next lesson. This will connect the lessons to each other and integrate the course instead of a series of disconnected parts.

Most of the time, the content of the lecture exists in the mind of a student as a series of separate discussions and he only sees the horizon of a day. The summary of each day’s lesson, however, before preparing for the next day, creates new connections and affects the brain as a whole.

Moreover, the meaning of the isolated sentences is very low and completely fails to represent the author’s original thought. A good approach is to read through an entire paragraph or section, then close the book and reproduce what you have read in your own language.

Through the above two steps, you will be able to retain your perception of the text and the content of your notes.

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