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Tips on Maintaining Your Commercial Vehicles in Brisbane <![CDATA[Tips on Maintaining Your Commercial Vehicles in Brisbane]]>

Tips on Maintaining Your Commercial Vehicles in Brisbane

We all know how important it is to keep your car well maintained and regularly serviced, to prolong its life and possibly save yours! So why do we often treat our commercial vehicles as second-best? If anything, we should be taking extra special care of it.

There are many things that could go wrong with your commercial vehicle that will also negatively affect your business. Imagine if you were unable to get to your appointments or deliver products. If you offer an important service, such as plumbing, electricals or air-conditioning services, imagine how many valued customers you’ll be letting down.

From the point of view of your business reputation, customer service and sanity you just can’t risk it!

Commercial Vehicles in Brisbane

Regular commercial vehicle services are proven to reduce operating costs, prevent expensive unplanned repairs and minimise disruption to your business. If you have a number of work vehicles it would certainly pay to consider a fleet management plan; if you have one or two commercial vehicles in Brisbane, you need to build a relationship with a trusted workshop.

It’s not rocket science to understand that a badly maintained vehicle is going to break down more often. Can you afford to have that vehicle off the road? If the answer is ‘no’, then you need to invest in regular servicing. It’s money well spent.

There are other issues concerning the condition of commercial vans in Brisbane and that’s transport checks. Queensland Transport Inspectors have the power to stop and examine vehicles and can issue substantial on-the-spot fines. It’s not something you want to risk.

Commercial Vehicle Services

One of the main causes of accidents in trucks and commercial vehicles is brake failure, usually caused by poor maintenance of the vehicle’s braking system. Regular commercial vehicle services find minor issues before they become major problems and could save a life.

Not surprisingly, well maintained commercial vehicles have lower running costs, which saves you money on fuel. It may also save you money on insurance policies.

Commercial vehicles in Brisbane generally require a specialist workshop, as many vehicles are too big for standard hoists. Using high-tech diagnostic tools, specialists such as SVS Autocare South Brisbane can handle them all, including long wheelbase European commercial vans.

Commercial Vans in Brisbane

Commercial vehicle services may include general and log book servicing, air conditioning servicing and repair, on-car brake machining, wheel alignment and more.

If you are thinking about buying commercial vans in Brisbane, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what will it be used for? This will help you decide what size vehicle you require and what layout would suit you best.

What about fuel economy? Will your commercial vehicle be used for long runs or will it be stopping and starting around town? Is petrol or diesel better for your needs? You certainly don’t want to be spending your profits on fuel!

Then there’s insurance – definitely something you need get right. This will be affected by the size and type of vehicle you choose, engine size and who will be driving it. The more drivers you have the more expensive your policy is likely to be.

Call in the Professionals

Don’t be tempted to try and cut back on insurance; if the worst happens, and you don’t have the correct insurance in place, it will end badly.

Driving qualifications is another important issue. In Queensland, there are several different driver licence classes, from C Car to MC – Multi Combination.

When buying a commercial vehicle, you have the choice of new, used or even custom-built. If you go for the latter bear in mind that certain modifications will affect your registration and insurance.

If you decide on a used commercial vehicle be sure to get it checked out by the professionals. It’s probably worth getting a full service done, too.

Finally, a word on air-conditioning. If there’s one thing your staff will thank you for its ensuring the van’s air-conditioning works well. It’s already getting hotter so now’s the time to have it checked and serviced.

Keeping Your Cool

Getting hot under the collar will be the least of your problems if the air-conditioning hasn’t been serviced for a long time. All that warmth and moisture makes it a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties, including bacteria and viruses.

The first indication that something is wrong is usually the smell. If the air-conditioning gives off a damp musty odour you’ve probably got a problem. It can even affect the health of the driver and passengers, causing headaches, fatigue, even flu-like symptoms.

Not only is this unpleasant for your drivers but it could become an issue under workplace health and safety; better to get it sorted early on.

Professional commercial vehicle services should cover all of the above ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently for longer, with no unexpected breakdowns or costs.

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