Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

The UPSC conducts different civil services based exams to fill the positions of IAS and many more. In the year 2020, it has been scheduled for 31st May. A lot of candidates are going with the option of online classes for IAS, especially in the lockdown period. This is considered to be the best time for all the candidates to utilize their time well and learn through digital mediums.

 Some of the tips for prelims exam are mentioned as follows:


  • One must manage the space properly: Panicking in such a condition will not help in solving the purpose and achieving the goal. One must stay away from all things from which one is scared. One has prepared for the one full year and now just there is a time of quick revision. One must get all the notes together and one must begin studying every subject and finishing it as soon as possible. It is very much important to be in a group based revision always a revision is always done better in a group. In the lockdown period, one can go with the option of group chats and WhatsApp-based calls.


  • One must manage the time properly: Time management is the most essential thing required in the preparation of an exam. One can devote the time to YouTube as watching through various videos of historical-based monuments one can see them and revise the concepts at the same time. One can spare time for the environment based science too. Most common subjects in which students face an issue is history and environmental science. So, one must search the web very properly and find the videos through which one can learn interactively. Another thing to be kept in mind is that one must have a sleep of at least eight hours every day.


  • Students should split the time: The aspirants should aim at solving more and more question papers at this time. For this one can enroll in the test series provided by different organizations and institutions. This will help the work to be done in a fast and quick manner. In case one does not perform well in these exams then there is no need to get disheartened because time will heal everything. With proper practice in the second week, one will be able to do well and one must plan to revise two subjects in a day after solving the mock test papers.


  • One must divide and then study the subjects: It is very much important to divide the time between two subjects in a day. One can always choose those subjects which one can finish faster. One must never begin with history as it is further divided into three parts and it will take approximately a week. Short subjects can be completed quickly and first and one must move with proper planning at all steps.


There is no need to revise everything time and again. One can go through all the concepts which are related to the previous year and its current affairs. One must not panic at any time during the whole preparation stage. There are many best online IAS coaching institutes from which one can get a lot of guidance and support.

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