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Most of the pet lovers love dogs, and it is fun to have a dog in your home. However, every dog needs love and care from its owner and family members in the house. It is essential for every dog parent to know the routine care for a dog.

Your dog needs a nutrient-rich diet, clean water and protection from external elements. Moreover, it requires medical care for good health and protection from diseases. This post shares some useful tips for taking care of your dog at home. Visit this site for Aristopet Animal Health.

Nutrient-rich food!

Every dog owner needs to feed their dog a nutrient-rich diet that contains all the essential nutrients. You must feed your dog with a mix of veg and non-veg diet. Feed it daily with meat and milk and avoid processed foods. Ask your veterinarian about the nutrition your dog needs. The veterinarian may recommend a special diet according to the age and breed of your dog.

Moreover, feeding your dog at the correct time is essential for its good health. You need to feed your dog three to five times a day as recommended by your veterinarian and offer it clean water several times a day.


Every pet whether cat or dog needs clean and hygienic water for its survival. Water is essential for healthy skin, healthy digestion and a shiny hair coat. It is best to serve your dog with water every hour, but you must ask your veterinarian for the exact amount of water that your dog needs daily. Filling its bowl with water will encourage it to drink enough water for its well-being.

Exercise for dogs!

All dogs need exercise to stay fit and healthy. Although some dogs move a lot in the house, it is essential to take them for a walk. A morning or evening walk is necessary for dogs especially for those which are lazy and don’t play much in the house.

Don’t bound your dog with a rope, until a stranger or visitor arrives at your home. Leave it open so that it can move inside the house and get enough exercise for its body. Some dog owners play with their dogs in the home while some hire a pet sitter to take them for a morning or evening walk.

Oral Care

Most dog owners don’t bother to take care of their dental health. Like humans, dogs also need cleaning of teeth regularly. Start brushing the teeth of your dog from a small age, so that it can learn good dental habits and routine. There are many dental chews available in markets for dogs. You can offer your dog the dental chews that clean their teeth and makes them strong. Ask your veterinarian to advise you about the proper dental care routine for your dog.


Dogs also suffer from obesity like humans. If your dog is not getting enough exercise for its body, it is likely to get obese over the years. It makes the dogs vulnerable to diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes and joint disorders. Obesity can also reduce the life span of your dog by a few months or years.  It also impacts the daily activities of your dog and makes it lazy and sluggish.

Don’t leave it unsupervised!

Some people leave their dog outdoor to go for a walk alone in the vicinity of their homes. However, it can be dangerous for a dog. There are many dangers for the pets when left unsupervised even in the proximity of houses. There is a risk of attack by stray dogs and other animals. Moreover, there is the risk of vehicles and accidents. The dog boarding kennels Melbourne have a particular area for pets where they can play.

Veterinarian visits

It is essential for every dog parent to make veterinarian visits for the medical checkup of their dog. Regular visits to a pet doctor help you avail proper treatment for your dog in any condition. Even if your dog is healthy, it helps you know about any medical conditions in the beginning. Moreover, a veterinarian enables you to maintain a regular vaccination schedule for your dog.

Bathing and Grooming

Bathing is also essential for dogs for hygiene and care. Dogs catch dust and dirt every day, and you need to bathe your dog at least one in 15 days. The bathing schedule depends on the breed of our dog and the climatic conditions of your location. The coat of dogs also needs brushing and trimming. Ask your veterinarian about the schedule for trimming of your dog’s coat.

Final Words

These are the dog care tips that every pet lover should follow. Dogs also need your time and attention. They are prone to depression if left alone. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time daily with your dog. Considering the above tips, every pet parent can take good care and upkeep of their four-legged family member.

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