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According to the latest research, if you hire the best press, it is the best tool for your business growth. If you are running a business and want to grow your customers, it will be possible with the help of press releases.

But the main problem is there are too many best press release companies, and it is challenging to select the best one that suits your company. It is exciting that hiring the best press release will provide you with excellent results for your business. With the help of a press release, you can quickly grow your business and increase the rankings in the whole competition.

If you are going to start a new business or launching a new product, then advertising is the best way to grow and increase customers.

So, in this article, we will tell you the top 10 best press releases that will help you grow your business.

Top 10 best press release:

All the top 10 best press releases are given below.


The first best press release that we recommend is If you want to grow your business national or international level, this press release is the best option. Its website comes with a user-friendly interface that’s why it is straightforward for everyone to use this website. The other best thing about this press release is that within £50, you can easily submit your submissions.

After submitting your content, it provides you the opportunity to select the location where you want to show it. The other fantastic feature of this press release is that you don’t have to pay additional fees and all the fees are according to your needs.

PR News Blog:

The next best press release is PR News Blog. It is a robust set of different services that provides you the opportunity to connect with your customers. It doesn’t matter what the rankings of your company are. This press release will work for all types of companies; it doesn’t matter you are running a small business or small agency.

Nowadays, the PR News Blog includes its name in the best press release website. It provides you the opportunity to grow your business at a high level.


The other best press release is Pressat. However, it uses different types of procedures to target the customers. They do this according to the company history, journalists, geographic placement, and the business type.

Other than this, the best thing is more than 33,000 people subscribe to the Pressat to receive the latest news from the Pressat.

The team members of the Pressat always capture the clients, editors, social media influencers. They also hold the extra PR that is present outside the press association lines and NASDAQ OMX.

However, the Pressat also offers clients in the European States and the UK who know different writing services. If you have decided to use the pressat press release, it is straightforward for you to grow your business, and also, it will take a short time to show you the best results.

Real Wire

The next PR service that we recommend is Real Wire; this PR service contains more than ten years of experience in their work. For the new international releases, this company provides massive programs.

The best part of this company is in their ten years of experience, the experts of this company work very hard to increase the web visibility and growth. In these years, they sent a press release to millions of journalistic contacts and blogs. However, their experts, like editors, also do hard work and improve the quality of the press releases.

Other than this, the UK Real Wire press release company provides you the opportunity to select a routing method. With the help of this, you can easily set the day and time.


Same as the above-given press release companies, the PRWeb is also considered the best press release. It is obvious that press release distribution is the best and fastest medium of communication with the customers.

However, the PRWeb contains different types of packages with different payment plans. You can select one of the packages that fulfill your needs; for the single press release, the payment of the packages is present between £70 to £280. However, the prices of all packages depend on the editing services and features that you have selected.

PR Underground

The PR underground offers too many means. With the help of these means, it provides the opportunity to the companies to distribute news about the companies to increase the customers and target the specific audience.

They distribute all the media content to global search engines, high authority websites, and cable channels. However, the PR underground comes with different types of packages and subscription plans. If we talk about the price range, then it is between £36 to £220.


With the help of its 20 years of experience, the eReleases helps too many small and big marketers with the press releases. This press release works on the national level and contains working experience with different media channels, industries, and journalists. At this press release, you have three packages, including the Newsmaker, PR Pro, and Buzz Builder.

All these packages come with different prices and features. If we talk about the package price, then it will be £215, but it totally depends on your press release. Other than this, you have the opportunity to distribute your one press release on different media sites.

EIN Presswire

If you are searching for the ideal way to distribute your press release in the whole world, then the EIN Presswire is the best option for you. Basically, this press release is part of the big online news corporation that is EIN news.

The best press release website of the EIN Presswire will list your all press releases and index them in the top search engines. However, with the help of this, your company will be reached to the exact customers needed to grow your business.

Other than this there are more than 30 broadcasts present on this network, and the press release in the US makes sure that your press release distribution reaches the right audience.

Business Wire:

Like the other best press release services, the Business Wire is also considered the best and offers too many multimedia methods and marketing needs. Most of these include analytics and newsrooms.

However, this is the only best method to target your specific audience that needs to grow your business for your kind information. If you are going to start with the Business Wire, you will experience customized and local services.

However, this press release contains too many offices in more than 160 countries. Everything that you need for your story to share, you will get all the things from the Business Wire.

It is an obvious thing that with the help of this press release, you can easily grow your business and target a specific audience.


In our list, the last press release distribution website that we recommend is Newswire. It is very famous and contains more than ten years of experience in providing press release services.

This distribution website is best, and they do too much practice to write, edit, and distribute any press release. If we talk about the pricing, then it starts from £105, and it goes up to £570.


We all know that every business needs some boost to grow up and for this the press release distribution website is the best option for you. So, I hope with the help of this article you can easily find the best press release contribution website.

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