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Israel is a country that is constantly in the news for one reason or another. But what you may not know is that Israel is also home to some of the most popular social media stars in the world. In this blog post, we will count down the top 10 Israelis social media stars with the most unique and crazy content we have found. From comedy and music to fashion and beauty, these Israeli social media stars are sure to entertain and inspire you.

Top 10 Israeli Social Media Stars

1. Noy Alooshe: A social media star with a unique and crazy approach to content, Noy Alooshe is a must-follow for anyone interested in Israeli social media.

2. Amit levy: Amit Levy is a well-known face in the Israeli social media scene, and his content is often humorous and light-hearted.

3. Sharon Feingold: Sharon Feingold is another popular Israeli social media star, known for her creative and quirky content.

4. Noa Tishby: Noa Tishby is a successful actress and model who has also dabbled in social media, posting interesting and often humorous content.

5. Yael Stone: Yael Stone is an Australian actress best known for her role in the television show Orange Is the New Black. She is also active on social media, often sharing insights into her work and life.

6. Gal Gadot: Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model who has appeared in films such as Fast & Furious 6 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. She is also quite active on social media, sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos from her various projects.

7. Bar Refaeli: Bar Refaeli is an internationally successful model and television host who was born in Israel. She frequently posts on social media, giving fans a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle.

8. Assi Azar: Assi Azar is a popular television presenter in Israel, known for his good looks and outgoing personality. He is also active on social media, where he often shares photos and videos from his personal life.

9. Moran Atias: Moran Atias is an Israeli actress and model who has appeared in films such as The Black Dahlia and Third Person. She is also quite active on social media, posting photos and videos of her daily life.

10. Michael Lewis: an Israeli social media star with over 180K million followers on Instagram. He has been named one of the most influential people on social media by all israeli’s magazines, and he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.


In today’s social media-obsessed world, it’s no surprise that there are a whole bunch of Israeli social media stars out there creating unique and crazy content. If you’re looking for some new accounts to follow, be sure to check out our top 10 list. From fashion and beauty bloggers to foodies and travel junkies, these Israelis have got it all covered. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give them a follow!

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