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It is fun to play fantasy cricket. You can win cash and other prizes when you win the games and tournaments. You will learn about the game better when you choose these strategies. Every player is assigned points. The captain and vice-captain get double points. You can choose from umpteen matches and tournaments when you use this app. The user interface is easy and has a lot of settings that let you choose options and controls for playing the games. Follow these tips to win games and tournaments playing on this app.

1. Analyze player performance

Choose real-time players based on their current form and not their past reputation alone. When you choose current players they have a chance of performing better in the matches using the fantasy cricket app.

2. Understand how to choose the pitch

Those who know and love cricket will know the basic rules of selecting a pitch. For instance, select a pitch that is good for batsmen so they can score better in the game. Pick teams and players as per the type of pitch as every pitch is different.

3. All players must play

Since this game is as close you can get to playing a real cricket match, you must ensure that all the players that you have chosen for your team are playing the game. A tip here is to choose the player who is actively playing the match.

4. Go beyond the good record

When selecting a team player, it is not enough if the player has a good record alone. They must be playing the match live. Avoid choosing players who have not played for the entire season.

5. Return of investment

A few players charge high but do not perform up to the mark. It is a good strategy to focus on young, talented players who charge less and are more enthusiastic to show good performance.

6. Select top batting order

There are top batsmen like M.S Dhoni, etc. Choose as many as four batsmen and choose the top people to do the same. The first four positions must be assigned to the top hitters so you can create a better game strategy.

7. Look for bonus points

When you start playing the game, many tasks are awarded bonus points such as strikes, run- outs, etc. If you want to increase the points look for catches and other aspects where the point system is assigned.

8. Choosing captain

Choose a captain who has maximum points so it can increase the scoring system. Choose captain and vice-captain who are all-rounders to get better with the scoring system.

9. Strategize from the start

Use a strategy for picking teams, the initial stage of the game and use it throughout the game so you can win.

10. Choose one uncapped player

A bowler and a wicket-keeper can be chosen from uncapped players so you can make the best team that performs well.


Use these tips to select a team so you get the best performance, more bonus points, and keep winning games learning more about them.


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