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Top 20 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks

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Expanding utilization of the web has additionally prompted an expansion in cyber-attacks or cybercrimes. However, what number of sorts of cyber-crimes would you say you know about? To handle cyber-attacks, you should be very much aware of their inclination. So here are the top 20 most common types of Cyber Attacks that you need to think about.

Cyber Security Certification is a specific field in IT which is viewed as a sub-stream in Computer Science. Cyber Security Course is a way to furnish students with the knowledge and abilities needed to safeguard the computer data, networks, and operating systems from cyber-attacks.

What are Cyber Attacks?

A Cyber Attack is described as an attack that begins with an advanced framework against another digital website, device, or some other advanced framework and bargains its reliability, privacy, or the data put away in it. Not just are these attacks a threat to digital people yet are an extraordinary danger to organizations also.

Top 20 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks 

Cyber-attacks can be of different types. You should know about every one of those sorts of cyberattacks to ensure your most extreme security and safety. 

  1. Malware
  2. Phishing
  3. Man-in-The-Middle Attack
  4. Denial-of-Service Attack
  5. SQL Injection Attack
  6. Zero-Day Attack
  7. Whale-Phishing Attacks
  8. Spear-Phishing Attacks
  9. Ransomware
  10. Password Attack
  11. URL Interpretation
  12. TCP SYN Flood Attack
  13. Teardrop Attack
  14. Smurf Attack
  15. Ping of Death Attack
  16. Cross-Site Scripting
  17. Trojan Horses
  18. Brute Force Attacks
  19. Session Hijacking
  20. Insider Threats
  1. Malware

Malware is a type of cyberattacks that are considered software that is deliberately evolved to develop a computer, client, server, or computer network. Malware can be active content, executable codes, scripts, and other malignant software.

  1. Phishing

The primary point of Phishing types of Cyber Attacks is to take limited and private data, such as passwords, login ids, credit card details, etc. By imitating oneself as a stable foundation in electronic correspondence.

  1. Man-in-The-Middle Attack

In a Man-in-the-middle attack, the communicators are forced to accept that they are straightforwardly speaking with one another with no impedance from any outsider.

  1. Denial-of-Service Attack

In a Denial-of-service attack, the guilty party attempts to make computerized resources distant from its expected clients. The wrongdoer temporarily interferes with the administrations of a host who is connected to the Internet.

  1. SQL Injection Attack

A SQL injection attack is type of Cyber Attacks that permits the intruders to run malignant SQL articulations. These Structured Query Language articulations have the ability to assume control over the database server.

  1. Zero-Day Attack

The zero-day weakness is an imperfection in the hardware, software, or even the firmware. It is stowed away from the groups answerable for fixing this bug.

  1. Whale-Phishing Attacks

A whale-phishing attack is types of hacking attacks so-named because it pursues the whales or big fish of an association, which normally remember those for the C-suite or others accountable for the association.

  1. Spear-Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is type of Cyber Attacks that alludes to a particular sort of targeted phishing attack. The attacker sets aside the effort to explore their expected targets and afterward compose messages the target will probably discover significant.

  1. Ransomware

With ransomware, the victim’s framework is held hostage until they consent to pay a payment to the assailant. The name “ransomware” is proper because the malware requests a payment from the person in question.

  1. Password Attack

Password attack is types of attacks in Cyber Security which access confirmation device of decision for the vast majority, so sorting out a target’s password is an appealing recommendation for a hacker.

  1. URL Interpretation

With URL interpretation, attackers adjust and create certain URL addresses and utilize them to access the target’s professional and personal data.

  1. TCP SYN Flood Attack

TCP is types of Cyber Attacks in which the attacker abuses the utilization of the support space during a TCP session statement handshake.

  1. Teardrop Attack

This attack causes the length and discontinuity counterbalance fields in successive IP packets to cover each other’s attacked host.

  1. Smurf Attack

This attack includes utilizing IP spoofing and the ICMP to immerse a target network with traffic.

  1. Ping of Death Attack

Ping of death attack is types of Cyber Attacks in which the aggressor utilizes IP packets to ping a target framework with an IP size over the limit of 65,535 bytes.

  1. Cross-Site Scripting

The attacker would prefer to straightforwardly focus on a client’s site; they may settle on a cross-site scripting attack.

  1. Trojan Horses

A Trojan is types of Cyber Attacks in which a noxious software program distorts itself to seem valuable.

  1. Brute Force Attacks

In brute force attacks, attackers attempt to track down the right login credential to get to a user/site/system account.

  1. Session Hijacking

It is types of attacks in Cyber Security, in which an attacker hijacks a session between a trusted network and client-server and it is also one types of active attacks.

  1. Insider Threats

It is one types of security attacks in which individuals inside an organization’s own entryways represent an extraordinary risk since they commonly approach an assortment of frameworks, and at times, administrator advantages that empower them to roll out basic improvements to the framework or its security strategies.


Cyber-attacks are a tragic truth of the computerized world. Legitimate authoritative principles are presently set down to shield the clients from these unsafe attacks. Choosing a Cyber Security Course can enhance one’s knowledge on safeguard computer data, networks, and operating systems from cyber-attacks.












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