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Top Five CMS for Small Businesses & Startups

While creating a website, you have to choose your ideal content management system (CMS) to fulfil the unique requirements of your business or startup. During the research phase, you will have to try using a few CMS tools to observe their features and capabilities closely. It will ensure that you will be choosing the best CMS for startups or small businesses.

Many things rely on the functionality of the CMS you have chosen for your small business/startup. This article will surely help you make the right choice of CMS for your Small Business or Startup.

Choosing the Best CMS

You have to manage the content in an effective manner while building a brand. Sometimes you can manage things by using the basic features of the software. But, the right choice of CMS software for you should have comprehensive capabilities while still being straightforward and easy to learn and use.

Right from developing your website to the maintenance of your content side by side, the best CMS for a small business website will be relatively easy to integrate and takes no time to become a conventional part of your daily routine. With the same goal in mind, a CMS should be:

Adjustable for Customization

The perfect CMS for your business contributes as a coherent part of all the operations. In simple words, a CMS should be adjustable enough to match your business requirements and deliver the features you want.If your business fails or incurs debt you need to check calculate your zakat and give it to needy persons, purify your money.

User Friendly

The management of a website and its content is one of the most significant things to do. So, it should not be a challenging task. The CMS should be designed in such a way that without using complex coding or hefty tasks, the product owners should be able to navigate through the dashboard options, create quality content, customize pages, access the analytics reports, etc.

The Ability for Synchronization and Integration with Other Software Solutions

Whether it is about establishing synchronization with your existing software or any extension to the system’s capabilities, the best CMS for startups will integrate with your tools and applications with ease. From sync with the email system to the promotion of your website through social media, a top-notch CMS does it effortlessly.

Top Five CMS for Small Businesses & Startups

These five are the handpicked choices of CMS software solutions for you to enhance the management strategies and productivity of your small businesses and startups;


In case there is a CMS almost every user has heard of, that would be WordPress for sure. This amazing platform was released in 2003, and later it became one of the most used internet services ever. On the basis of programming language PHP and database manager MySQL, WordPress provides you with the tools to build fully functional websites or blogs with comprehensive features.

WordPress also gives you the privilege to install a mixture of ready-to-use and third-party themes to customize your website. In case you prefer a streamlined approach, then hire WordPress developers to use numerous prebuilt templates available on WordPress for designing and building out pages, editing content, managing media files, assigning multiple logins, etc.


Squarespace is the most appropriate tool to match your priorities in a content management tool like clean aesthetics and a professional look. It offers you an extensive library of executive themes and templates. Without any hefty coding work or managing a complex backend, you can build a responsive website by using Squarespace.

Squarespace templates are easy to use by straightforward drag-and-drop technology while building and editing to make the complete design algorithm a breeze.


Kentico is the CMS that holds perfection in adaptability without sacrificing usability. While using Kentico, there is no need for you to learn intricate coding to set up multiple tools for customer management, allow Google integrations, etc.

It’s extremely customizable and helps you create standout and professional websites. Kentico’s 24/7 support teams ensure effective assistance and comprehensive safety for your website.

HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS is a robust option for content management. But, its intuitive content setup requires a big budget. Also, in this list of CMS, HubSpot is the most expensive CMS for a small business website. However, you get a lot of comprehensive features that make your purchase worthwhile.

Made for creative entrepreneurs and non-developers, HubSpot CMS comes with a superb support system as well as a vast library of resources and exclusive account managers.


Wix is a cloud-based platform that provides you with the best tools to create HTML5 and smartphone-optimized websites with ease. It’s entirely about being customizable and intuitive; either you choose to build a site by using the manual editor by Wix or with the help of its drag & drop AI builder.

You just need to answer a few queries about your business/startup, then upload a few media like Logo, cover images, etc. And Wix, with its Artificial intelligence technology, will create a robust website for your business by offering you options like a colour palette based on the characteristics of your Logo. Or, skip and use the freehand option to create a site by dragging and conventional editing.

The right CMS is just a step away

There are a lot of CMS options that are ready to help you out there. But, your small business or startup requires a solution that consistently meets your project’s budget, comfort level, requirements, and much more. It should be intuitive, able to integrate well with existing systems and applications and feel like a native extension of your ongoing operations and requirements

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