Top 5 Phone Validation Benefits For eCommerce

Without a doubt, ecommerce is the future of doing business. With social distancing, work from home, and lockdowns being the new norm, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the ecommerce growth by 4-6 years. At the height of the coronavirus lockdown, the US ecommerce growth tripled with consumer spending around $861.12 billion online. Indeed, the health crisis has shone a light on the potential as well as the advantages of ecommerce.

Given this reality, many businesses have now transitioned to ecommerce. But while ecommerce offers many advantages, it also comes with challenges. Tight competition, cyber-security threats, fake accounts, and rapidly evolving technology are some of the obstacles that beset ecommerce businesses. Phone validation is a vital tool that can help ecommerce businesses address these concerns.

Why Businesses Need Phone Validation Tools?

In the ecommerce industry, phone numbers are a crucial piece of information. According to developers of the phone validation tool by Byteplant, businesses collect phone numbers for various reasons, such as marketing, account registration, customer support, fraud protection, and delivery address validation.

The importance of phone numbers cannot be overstated. But why do businesses need to verify numbers? What are the benefits of phone validation?

Top Benefits of Phone Validation

Let’s check out the top benefits of phone verification services.

Cost savings

Although getting a phone validation tool means additional investment, many businesses consider it a worthwhile expense that can help save money in the long run. Whether you are using phone numbers for sending marketing content, for shipping, or customer support, having validated numbers means that you’ll reach out to your intended client. Just imagine the amount of money you spend on sending messages to the wrong recipients. Likewise, you’ll also save much by avoiding undelivered shipments.

Added security

Spammer, scammers, and hackers are the bane of ecommerce. Data breaches can decrease customer trust and negatively impact your business, which makes data security a vital aspect of ecommerce. With phone validation, you can increase your site’s security and prevent security breaches. Phone verification can be used at the different customer engagement activities – from account registration to identity verification to transaction authentication. Users cannot create a new account or access an existing account without phone validation. This step provides an added layer of security and reduces fake accounts, spam, fraud, and other suspicious activities.


Ecommerce businesses use a variety of strategies to verify user identities, such as email verification and address validation. But unlike other verification tools, phone validation offers a global reach. It is estimated that nearly 65% of the worldwide population owns a mobile phone. This makes it the most accessible validation tool with the widest coverage. Businesses can verify the identity of consumers even from across the globe. It broadens your market reach and potential sales.

Save time

Time is a scarce resource – and this is ever true in ecommerce. By verifying your customer’s phone numbers, you won’t waste your time dialing an erroneous number or calling the wrong person.

Businesses that run phone marketing certainly know how crucial time is. Every minute wasted in calling a wrong number could have been spent talking to a potential lead. Furthermore, for every inaccurate data in the record, you’ll have to work extra hours asking for their correct phone number. By verifying all numbers in your contacts list, you can cut wastage of time.

Increase customer satisfaction

Phone validation boosts customer satisfaction on many levels. Firstly, customers expect to hear from you promptly. If the information you have is incorrect, you might be unable to reach them. Hence, having a real-time phone verification tool ensures that you capture the correct number. Despite the various communication channels, such as emails, instant messaging, and text messaging, phone call remains the fastest and most reliable way to contact your clients.

For businesses that send shipments, delivery companies often require phone numbers. They use this to contact the recipients such as the expected delivery date and for requesting further directions. By supplying a verified contact number, the courier can deliver the product as scheduled. Any delays or undelivered shipments can negatively impact the business; hence it is important to ensure the recipient’s details are accurate and complete.

Final Thoughts

Phone validation doesn’t have to be costly and consuming. With phone verification tools and services available, ecommerce businesses can maximize the benefits of having validated phone numbers. In the very competitive ecommerce industry, utilizing this tool can help a business stay on top.

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