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A few days ago, only a few people used to be the expert computer programmers and we used to view them with awe. But the age we are living in now is the digital age almost all the IT jobs need solid grasp and understanding of the programming languages at least one and in some cases even more than one. If you are thinking to have advancement in your career or change career and want to master a programming language, you might wonder which language to learn. It will take more of your time as well as money to learn any of the languages. Therefore, it is important to make a smart choice in order to get a good and settled career.

There are many factors to consider before you select a programming language including difficulty level you are ready to take up, your background, the qualification you have and what skills you possess and of course your interest. Here is the list of Top 5 Programming Languages which are currently trending in the market and you can then choose the one that you feel is good for you.

  1. Java

All of us have heard about Java. It is one of the most popular and highly in-demand programming languages that are used across the world by major companies. Java is owned by Oracle Corporation. It is a general-purpose programming language which follows the concepts of OOPs. It has the property to write once and run anywhere anytime.

Java is the platform independent language and more than 3 billion devices are running the applications that are designed in Java. For web application development, Java is widely used and can be good.

  1. Python

Python is another most popularly used programming languages in today’s time.  The field of data analytics is the place where Python is widely used as it has strong statistical features. It is very easy to learn with no complex and big syntax. It is an open source programming language with a widely active community. You can make user-friendly GUI applications with the help of Python. Machine learning and deep learning applications also make use of Python.

Popular websites like Quora, YouTube, and Instagram, etc use Python. If you are planning to learn Python, Best Python Classes is Tech Data Solutions, who offer online as well as offline python training with 100% Placement assistance

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  1. Ruby

Another simpler and popular programming language is Ruby. It has human-friendly syntax and is flexible enough to support both functional and procedural programming rules. Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework developed in Ruby. There is a large community of Ruby developers around the world.

  1. Swift

Last but not the least in the list of top 5 programming languages is Swift. It is being developed by Apple for the MACs and Linux based applications. It is an open source language and again very easy to learn. There are lesser codes to write in Swift as compared to other programming languages and hence it is most popular among the developers. The popular iOS apps like Mozilla, WordPress, etc use it.

  1. C/C++

C and C++ are the oldest and commonly used programming languages. C forms the basis of many other programming languages like Java and JavaScript. Both C and C++ are high-performance languages and used in the development of applications where performance is the most critical factor. You can learn C from KITS online training institute.



Now, you can choose the best among the above 5 to give a kick start to your career.


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