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Top 5 Washroom Tile Trends You Need To Know About

Is it time for your bathroom to get its remodelling done? Are you spending multiple hours on a stretch in a washroom? Well, if the answer to that is yes, then it’s time to hop on the most exciting kind of tiles trends for 2022.

There’s so much that goes into the simple decision of choosing bathroom blocks. What size should it be? What colour? Matte or glazed? The questions are endless.

1. Timber Tiles

The timber look is perhaps the most popular and well-loved tile look that has recently gained status as a ‘must-have.’ 

What’s fascinating about timber tiles is that the technologies used to make these are unique. Each timber block will share the same overall except for the organic texture and visual beauty. 

The timber look is for people who crave and adore the natural wooden look but don’t want the troubles of warpage, termites and care. These timber heels are also long-lasting, high-heel compatible, colourfast and VOC-free!

2. Colour play

Basic colour palettes will be making a comeback in 2022. Two of the most common colour grading that you can easily see early adopters choose are:

  • Earthy tones like blues, greens, clary and light stones
  • Darker shades like greys, timber, and marble look

Currently, the design narrative of 2022 is trying to pay tribute to the future that will bring forth a futuristic twist. This can be observed through primary yet gorgeous colours, 3D effects, exciting patterns, etc. 

These deep colours will also perfectly exploit the light and shadow present in the washroom. 

3. Large Slabs of Marbles

The bigger the marble slab, the better and more gorgeous the veining in that tile. It is assumed that these beautiful marble slabs of 800x1600mm and larger will jump in the 2022 washroom tiles trend.

It will help affirm a Vintage or Mediterranean style and offer a timeless yet modern look. Additionally, large slabs can easily position themselves to meet all design angles possible. 

4. Lineal Lines

One of the most exciting bathroom tile patterns that became popular in 2021 is linear lines. The lineal blocks have continued to gain more attention, and rightfully so. 

Anyone who likes symmetry, geometry and lines would adore this style. Their format is flexible, vertical and horizontal, creating a visual appeal. It’s perfect for any small space or a curved wall. 

Think about Kit-Kat, then think about lineal blocks – it’s pretty similar. These slender slates can turn any washroom astounding!

5. Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been in existence since the mid-16th century but has gained immense popularity in recent times again. This tile exudes elegance, easy customizability and durability. 

The natural progression of this concrete tile that’s leaning toward aggregate design offers such a playful, colourful image. Everything that anyone needs past the dullness and lifelessness of a pandemic. No wonder, Terrazzo has gained such attraction again!

Washrooms should be a reflection of the kind of personality you own. Whether it’s calming and sombre or colourful and playful, many washroom tiles are out there for you.

Maybe choose your pick from these 5 top 2022 tile trends, and change the vibe of your washroom for good!

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