Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
Top 6 Best Choices of Cigarettes for New Consumers

Some people are very precise on what kind of cigarette they wish to smoke and have special preferences according to it. The quality and taste of different products in the market can vary.

It is important for newcomers to note that the taste of cigarettes is determined by the tobacco ingredient. Tobacco alone can cause great variation in taste depending upon the soil where the tobacco plants are grown.

Other than tobacco, cigarettes contain other additives which provide odor and flavoring, making one brand unique in taste than the other. Flavored cigarettes come in many flavors which enhances the experience of a smoker. For new consumers, the cost of buying cigarettes can be overwhelming, so you can look for cheap cigarettes near me to go easy on your budget.

Now let’s get on to some of the best brands that can fit the category for new smokers.


It is one of those famous names that even nonsmokers may be familiar with. Being one of the world’s most famous cigarette brands makes it the top choice for beginners. Marlboro Red is one of the best choices that is appreciated for its sweet taste, smooth burn, and mild harshness.


Camel is one of the most renowned cigarette brands and has garnered millions of admirers around the world. Beginners can go for Camel flavors that include Camel Turkish Gold, Camel Crush, and Camel Royal that are not too strong. Known for its smooth taste, it is one of the best choices for new consumers.


It originally began as a small tobacco shop in Switzerland that specialized in producing cigars. When the products of Davidoff became known for their great quality, the company expanded the business and started producing cigarettes. Consumers are most impressed with the aroma and rich aftertaste of the smokers. One of the best choices for new smokers includes the Davidoff Classic.

Lucky Strike:

They are well known in the tobacco industry by the name “Luckies”. No doubt they are one of the best-tasting cigarettes that have made their way to the top choices. It has also been able to claim the title of the best-selling brand of cigarettes in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. The fact that makes Lucky Strike one of the top picks is because of its unique taste that is somewhere between strong and weak. Beginners can go for flavor Lucky Strike Original (Red).


Newport is widely famous among new smokers because the taste is not too strong to dominate. These are menthol cigarettes that offer a great tobacco taste. Its menthol cigarettes are one of the top-selling ones. You can get your hands on non-menthol editions as well but they are not equally popular.

Reagent Gold:

It provides a blend giving off a joyful experience, making it ideal for new smokers. It can be great for those who want to relax on a light puff. The price range of Reagent Gold cigarettes makes it possible to smoke while staying within a budget.

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