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Top 6 Ingredients for Maximising Your Gym Performance That You Might Not Know About

When you get the hang of it, working out can be fun and satisfying. But the hardest part is not knowing when and where to start. You might feel very energetic and motivated today, but the next day, all that energy and motivation are all gone.

But that’s alright! It’s normal, and everyone feels the same way, too. However, there are ways to maximise your workout performance. For one, you might have heard of pre-workout supplements already—most gym enthusiasts love taking these supplements because this help gets their desired results faster.

Fortunately, these aren’t just for gym rats. If you haven’t been feeling well about working out lately, taking pre-workout supplements could be one effective solution in making you more active.

The best ingredients to look for in pre-workout supplements

These supplements are made from many different ingredients, so here’s a list of the top ingredients to make sure you are getting what you expect from these supplements.

  • Creatine

Creatine is one of the most popular dietary supplements. Many sports experts like creatine because it can massively increase your strength and power safely and efficiently.

According to various studies, taking creatine is one of the best ways to gain strength for up to 5% to 10%. So it is perfect if your workout focus is weight or strength training.

Scientifically speaking, creatine is a great energy source because it is responsible for energy production.

  • Caffeine

Many take coffee to stay awake and alert for an all-nighter job. But surprisingly, caffeine is not only meant for the coffee-lovers: athletes and body-builders love it, too.

Its stimulating properties also work similarly in the gym. Caffeine helps wake up the brain, making you more active and less tired. It can also improve your endurance in some cardiovascular ideas like cycling and running.

  • Beta-Alanine

During an intense workout, your body tends to produce acid. This acid is why you feel the burn during the training. But if you take beta-alanine, you’ll feel less muscle fatigue because it is a type of amino acid that fights the acid caused by intense exercise.

  • Citrulline

Aside from beta-alanine, citrulline is another amino acid important in increasing different levels of your body. For example, it can increase your blood flow, so your muscles are supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients necessary for any intense training.

In addition, citrulline aids in muscle recovery. It’s normal to feel sore after an intense pre-workout, but you can effectively lessen the soreness with citrulline.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

Did you know that baking soda is also a great workout supplement? Baking soda, a common term for sodium bicarbonate, works like beta-alanine; it fights the acid build-up in your body.

Sodium bicarbonate is a great alternative if you can’t find beta-alanine since it is more common.

  • Nitrate

Spinach, beetroot, and turnips are some vegetables rich in nitrate molecules. Your body also naturally produces small amounts of nitrate.

As mentioned, an increased blood flow can make you perform better because your muscles receive adequate oxygen and nutrients. Nitric oxide increases blood flow; hence, nitrate is important because your body can convert it into nitric oxide.

Creatine, caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, sodium bicarbonate, and nitrate are some of the best ingredients you should find in dietary supplements. They are naturally occurring in the body, but taking more would help maximise your gym performance and lessen muscle soreness and fatigue after an intense exercise. So make sure you check out these ingredients when you purchase gym supplements, and make the most out of them.

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