Top IT Gigs to consider for emerging 2020

2019 is done for and 2020 is almost here, the 3rd decade of this century has a lot to offer in Information Technology with the advancement in technology and increasing complexity in a variety of fields. There is a saying, “wherever there is a problem, there is always an opportunity.”  

The information labeled in this article is from a variety of credible sources which may include Glassdoor, PayScale, Bureau of Labor Statistics and ZipRecruiter. With nearly every field globalizing around IT, mostly because every other professional needs some technician to keep their systems going efficiently. So, day by day computer related careers are getting more and more in demand. Qualified Cyber security specialists or PMP certified professionals earn lucrative amounts. 

Some of the emerging jobs that you can look into are listed here based on factors such as salary, education requirements and its scope over the future. 

IT Security Specialist

Average Known salary annually from the year 2018 was about $98k, with a rise of 32 percent every year and is much higher than recorded the average. With nearly everything in almost every field the information in today’s world is going digital. To keep this information safe and confidential, it keeps opening up portals for IT security Specialist/ analysts. They operate on the front lines on information systems to protect against any possible cyber attacks or threats. With every government or big companies or corporations that own sensitive data, Research and development data, future plans among other things, want their data secured from leaking or being access by unauthorized parties, security would remain a very important factor for the future of that corporation(s). Due to these fundamentals and technical analysis it is pretty obvious that the demand for IT Security specialist would always remain high in future as technology becomes much more adverse and sophisticated to deal with them. 

Machine Learning Engineer/ Artificial Intelligence

The average basic Salary package for an AI/ Machine learning engineer is estimated to be around $146k with the rate of going over the years in more than 300 percent. Considering how vast this field is, the job growth level is not at all shocking. As every big company or corporations like the face Amazon want to replace their human resources with automation or robots there is a hype and need to hire engineers in this field who can focus on building them developing AI operated systems and machines, so an automation system which would be very beneficial for them in the long run.  

Network Analyst

Average known salary this GIG is recorded to be almost $70k a year in United States. This average is based on the reports by indeed. With every field using or requiring some form of computers or other office devices, managing these networks has insanely become complex, which results in the demand of an expert with networks to deal with those complexities. Network analyst not only deals with connecting the devices amongst each other but also manage all the necessary network protocols to required compatibility. Some organizations are entirely vulnerable because their entire organization is dependent on the networks. A golden example would be the banking sector.

Software Engineer

Software engineering is one of the core tech jobs that have been on demand since the advent of computers. Every company needs software to make their use of technologies easier and efficient. The median salary for an engineer in this field is against the year 2018 was a little over $100k with its growth rate spiking more than 20 percent annually. Softwares are everywhere from very important to very least important such as the operating system, internet browsers, point of sale systems or the apps on your phone all are developed by engineers in this field.

Data Analyst 

With increasing population day by day and as more and more people access the technology, more and more day is generated every day. To keep track of that there will always be a demand for data analyst for data mining. Data accuracy is very important for the companies to grow and compete with others. The skill for processing and interpreting is quite crucial as the entire integrity of data depends on that and on a greater level the future of that company. The average salary in 2019 is estimated to be around $110k to $120k annually with job growth rate going 16 percent since 2018.


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