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We, as humans, have learned that cooperation with each other can bring positive changes in the world. We canalways try to leave a meaningful impact on society. Altruism compels good-hearted folks to sacrifice their time for the betterment of humanity. The practice of social work has found its rightful adobe in many departments and institutions. From schools and hospitals to prisons and corporations, social workers have numerous career opportunities.

Contrary to a widespread belief, all social workers aren’t government employees. However, volunteering, although a well-founded profession – doesn’t count as social work. For that, you require a degree in social work to be called that.

The study of social services

The proper study of community and social services attract many students. BLS reports that an average social worker can earn more than $50,000 annually. Professional social work originated in 19th-century England after the Industrial Revolution. Now the United States spends more than $1 trillion onmultiple social welfare programs. It’s not your typical nine-to-five job; instead, you’re appointments are scheduled beforehand. You may attend court hearings or administer parental visits. Social workers also dominate the field of mental healthcare providers nationwide. You have to learn about the NASW code of ethics if you want to engage in social work professionally.

The National Association of Social Workers considers this convention to be the basis of their occupation. The six core values of social work differentiate it from other professions. This code of ethics will guide your conduct even if you’re chasing an online social work masters degree. The six values are:

  • Service: The needs of the public are more important than your desires.
  • Social justice: Become a voice for those who are oppressed and silenced.
  • The dignity of a human being: People deserve to be respected irrespective of their race, color, creed, or gender.
  • Significance of human relationships: Assist those who are socially impassive to become more active in their social relationships.
  • Integrity: With honesty and responsibility, create an excellent example for your successors.
  • Competence: Enhance your job performance with education and experience to be more socially productive.

Reasons to study social work

  1. Helping people and society: If you are a sensitive individual who likes workingin public service, social work’s the right place for you. This field is suitable for those who have a passion for people’s welfare. Social workers make society beneficial for and tolerant of everyone. The fabric of the community needs the masterful sewing hands of a human services professional. This occupation will permit you to becomea beam of light for the distressed souls.
  2. Diverse and challenging career: The job requirements of a social worker don’t remain the same. We have already talked about how you can go from mental health to child protection. This diversity makes this occupation less monotonous and more challenging. You can either specialize in a single field or examine your expertise in various vocations. Every day in the life of a social worker brings new adventures, emotional confrontations, and unique life lessons.
  3. Social workers are in demand: The elderly contribute to 17% of the American population, which will become 22% by 2050. The inclusion of immigrants into the country’s demographics will expand the number of minorities. These statistics reveal the ever-increasing need for social workers in the national framework. BLS states that, with an 11% growth rate, social work is accelerating rapidly as a profession. Being a female-dominant occupation, the trend of gender diversity will motivate more men to join this service. It’s because clients feel more comfortable opening up to a person of their gender.
  4. A versatile profession: Social work has three basic categories: micro, macro, and mezzo. Micro social workers work directly with individuals in need of assistance. Macro professionals work for large-scale social welfare by lobbying and policy-making. Mezzo social work involves interactions with a group/community of people. Then we have clinical and non-clinical social work. Therefore, students should pursue the latter for better career opportunities in the future.
  5. Doesn’t require BSW: You don’t need to have a BSW degree to apply for an MSW one. Most universities offer traditional standing MSW programs. These educational programs don’t require students to have a BSW degree. Therefore, people from various academic backgrounds can join MSW classes online.Although, advanced standing MSW programs don’t accept students lacking a BSW degree.
  6. Chances for self-improvement: Serving the public and elevating their needs over yours is the practical nature of altruism. People who acquire this profession of social work have a passion for welfare works. Therefore, this vocation allows them to bring perfection into their personalities. No wonder humanitarians such as Teresa and Edhi found self-enlightenment in social work. The act of empowering and educating others reflects similar outcomes on your behavior.
  7. Not a tedious desk job: Many people are unable to perform productively in a nine-to-five clerical job. They like to engage in adventurous activities for employment purposes. Social work is for courteous and exploratory individuals who crave for risks and dares. The current tide of political correctness can have a productive impact on the accelerating demand for social workers too.
  8. Studying online: The coronavirus pandemic has awakened a sense of renovation in our academic institutions. Schools, colleges, and universities have followed the pattern of distance learning for safety reasons. Studying online is cheaper, easier, and more comfortable. These programs help you understand human interactions in this age of less physical contact.
  9. Many careers to choose: Let’s talk about career opportunities for you as a social worker. You can get different jobs based on the level of education you’ve gotten as a social worker. With a BSW degree, you can become a case manager, health worker, or patient care coordinator. But, with an MSW degree, you can counsel people with a mental health condition, drug addicts, and disable children. The variety of job openings makes this career attractive to people of different behavioral leanings.


The CSWE Future Task Force shed some light on the future possibilities for social work in 2018. They found two uncertainties regarding the outlook of their profession. The first uncertainty was about the range of influence of social workers inside and outside their spectrum. The second uncertainty dealt with the degree to which social workers will leverage technology in their favor. Social justice seems to the most sought-after career among the younger generations in Canada and the United States. People are inclined to eliminate all remnants of racism and misogyny from society. In this war against discrimination, the world expects social workers to play leader.

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