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Top Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family to an Escape Room Adventure in Columbus

Among all the other tourists and hang-out spots, escape rooms are a growing entertainment source in Columbus, Ohio. With just a handful of escape rooms around the country in 2013, now there are more than 1,950 rooms of different themes.

If you want to experience a new kind of adventure with your family, escape room in Columbus are the right choice. After all, you may have no experience with this sort of thing and an escape room might not sound attractive to you.

Here are some reasons why escape room adventure in Ohio is something you and your family cannot afford to miss.

It Brings Your Hidden Skills To Light

Your mom may have a penchant for the culinary field, your dad may be a trivia king, and your brother or sister may be the sword wielder. When you plan an event with your family, it can be challenging to decide on a common plan, given the variety of interests and skills. 

Games generally call for a spirit of competitiveness, which runs high when you play with your family members. An escape room, Columbus has on offer, lets each member win the spotlight. Only when you work as a team you can conquer the tasks and find the end of the tunnel, in this case, the key to stepping out of the room.

With more than 10 companies operating escape rooms in Columbus, there are quite a few varieties of themes that they offer. Be it any theme; it is designed in such a way as to combine different schools of thinking and talents.

You have to come together as a team in cooperation to complete these challenges. This gives way for a healthy competition among the members and does not leave anyone out. This increases happiness and fun meter.

It Requires Attention And Focus

Thanks to the pandemic crisis in Ohio and the US, 2020 has been a year of digital dominance. Though there are many advantages to this positive shift of focus, it has permanently wedged a barrier to coming together as a group. With everyone on their devices, it is rare even to see families sitting together to eat.

With this, another devil has sprouted its head, lack of focus, attention, and concentration. One good way to break the spell is by choosing a gaming adventure, sans the gadgets and electronic devices. And the best choice is to take your family to any escape room adventures in Columbus.

When you are locked in a room for sixty minutes with your family, it builds up communication and observation skills. You create a bond with your family when you come together to solve a mind-bending puzzle.

It Gives A Chance For You To Talk

There has been a generational gap severing ties between people within families. Without any one’s fault, you might not find rapport all of a sudden when it comes to socializing with a family member in a different age group. 

Even your parents may find it difficult to converse with you or your siblings who are in their teens. And just like that, you lose a precious connection. A study about psychology in teenagers of the USA says that a great way to mingle with them is by inviting them to solve a puzzle. 

Escape room adventures in Ohio provide a similar experience in an appealing way to the teens of your family. As you go in as a family, it allows the parents to work with their kids. More than just solving a puzzle, this act makes the kids realize that the parents hear and value their opinions.

Once the communication is re-established, the bonds grow stronger for life.

It Gives You Quality Time To Spend

You have got to think time over money. Columbus, Ohio has many budget-friendly escape rooms that charge $25 to $28 per person, and it’s worth the cost for the immense benefits it provides.

Sociologists who study togetherness and its impact on family outcomes say that the quality of time you spend together matters more than the quantity. You can build healthy relationships with your family members when you are put together in situations that can create interactions and true connections. 

When you go for escape room adventures in Columbus, every second you spend inside speaks quality. As you communicate, interact, and work as a team to reach a common goal it makes the time worthwhile.

You may not remember the last movie you watched with your family or the last restaurant in Columbus, OH, you guys went together for dinner. But escape room adventures are something you will remember forever.

Columbus houses many escape rooms. Book one right now to collect unforgettable memories with your family. 

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