Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
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Most car owners out there had to deal with a non-starting vehicle at least once in their lifetime. It’s a terrible position to be in because not only you cannot use your vehicle, but also have to find the exact cause for the same. Only after finding the real cause, can you move towards solving the same problem. It can be the alternator, or the fuse, or a dead battery or issues with any other component.

Therefore, to help you know more about why your car isn’t starting, we are listing some of the well-known reasons that you should be directly looking into.

Major Reasons Why Your Vehicle Isn’t Starting

  1. Battery Is Dead

As per a professional mobile mechanic in Sydney, the battery of your car forms the most significant component required to make your vehicle move. If your battery is dead, then it wouldn’t simply start at all.

But, how can you be sure that you don’t have a weak or dead battery? Well, the following are some of the pointers that you can look into:

  • Not seeing the dashboard or instrument panel light turning on
  • It’s challenging to kick-start your vehicle on a cold morning
  • Headlights not functioning as intended
  • The Interior lighting and equipment system of your car isn’t functioning

The best way you can avert a situation such as this is to simply have a jumper cable inside your vehicle’s trunk for emergency purposes. This jumper cable will help you to jump-start your car’s battery with the help of another car’s battery that’s in well-working condition.

  1. Connection With The Battery Is Bad

If the cable connections on your car battery are loose or ripped, then your vehicle will simply not start. Most of the time, these connections are due to battery corrosion. The best way to go about such a problem is to first turn off your vehicle and reconnect the battery terminals again.

Ensure that the terminals are clean before reconnecting. In case the terminals have worn out due to corrosion, then it would be a good idea to simply replace them. Moments like these are when you need a professional to help you with the terminal replacement process.

  1. Alternator Has Gone Bad

One of the other essential components of your vehicle is the alternator. The alternator is responsible for distributing the electricity from the battery to the car components while also recharging the battery. So, if your vehicle isn’t starting, chances are that the alternator has gone bad.

You can tell your alternator has gone bad by the following set of symptoms:

  • Lights will glow and then go dim
  • The battery symbol on your dashboard will light up
  • There’s a smell of something burning
  • Issues playing the car stereo system

Again, we’d suggest hiring a mobile mechanic expert to look at the condition of the alternator and then take relevant steps.

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