Top Sunglasses Brands for Winter Fashion 2020

All right, let’s just be honest here for a moment. Sunglasses not only protect our eyes but do a lot more than that. Like the sheer number of available products from leading sunglasses brands weren’t enough to confuse you, you now have more-options-than-ever in designs and shapes of sunglasses. With cheerful colors and timeless designs, top sunglasses brands today offer reasonably affordable options so that you don’t have to compromise with style. 

While it’s essential to select the right frame, your choice of sunglasses brand can take your fashion game to a whole new level. Once you nail the perfect brand, you will understand what we mean. You will find lots of premium and trusted brands offering some of the best designs. So, if you are exploring top sunglasses brands for Winter Fashion 2020, we have something exclusive for you. 

Here’s a list of the top 5 sunglasses brands for Winter Fashion 2020 to single out your choice from:


In 1879, after transforming the face of rainwear with the invention of ‘Gabardine,’ Burberry has become a synonym for classic British design and style. For the past seventeen years, with Christopher Bailey at the helm, the brand has undergone a resurgence, combining its hallmark features with trendy, contemporary additions seamlessly. So, if you are looking for a sunglasses brand that embodies vintage fashion, then you must explore Burberry’s range of sunglasses.

One of our personal favorites from Burberry, these Silver-colored, round-rimmed sunglasses, is modestly bold and attractively cheerful. Wear these out with your winter denim jackets or long-coats to bathe in the classic British vibes!

Maui Jim

A sunglasses brand that needs no introduction, Maui Jim is one of the top-caliber global brands that you must explore before you buy your next pair of sunglasses. With new-age, trendy, and fashionable designs, Maui Jim opens you up to the world of high fashion. 

A top choice amongst frequent travelers, adventure seekers, and beach lovers, Maui Jim, is a sunglasses brand that never fails to impress. For your adventurous winter days, these black-rimmed, rectangle sunglasses from Maui Jim can be your new partner-in-crime. 


Well! You knew that this name is bound to come up – RayBan, a brand that embodies perfection, elegance, and class. The company provides an extensive range of high-end, timeless styles at relatively affordable prices. 

Having something for everyone in their collection, RayBan boasts an 80-year-old heritage of making some of the most iconic eyewear. Originally, in the 1930s, Ray-Bans sunglasses were created for US Air Force pilots. Today, it is one of the most popular and celebrated brands across the globe.

Whether you are making an addition to your RayBans’ collection or are buying your first premium shades from a popular sunglasses brand, this Gold-rimmed navigator will instantly upgrade your style quotient status to pro.


Another world-renowned sunglasses brand, Oakley, is known for offering superior quality, sporty sunglasses and frames. The brand’s distinctively unique sporty signature has set itself apart, and it continues to bring some of the freshest designs. 

A must-have accessory for those with an active lifestyle, Oakley sunglasses such as these black-rimmed pilot sunglasses offers both style and function. If you plan to spend your winter days enjoying sports or outdoor activities, then you must own this pair of Oakley sunglasses right now!


New-age sunglasses brands such as Vogue is famous for presenting some of the most cutting edge designs of what’s in style. An eyewear brand that has continuously maintained its standard of craftmanship for sculpting beautiful frames, Vogue sunglasses are a fashion statement on their own.

If you are a fan of clean designs, fascinating-fun textures, and lively colors, then Vogue is the label for you. The brand enjoys playing with unique shapes and colors and delivers some of the most high-street fashion sunglasses such as these Gold-rimmed, rectangle sunglasses. Perfect for long days at the office and ideal for your weekend rendezvous, with this pair of sunglasses, you will always be in Vogue!

Get your Winter Wardrobe Ready

Such beautiful designs from top sunglasses brands make it challenging to choose just one. As iconic as they are, they make for an expensive fashion investment. Thus, when looking for shades from leading sunglasses brands, you must explore options from reliable retailers such as Titan EyePlus. They offer an extensive range of sunglasses from leading global brands such as Maui Jim, Burberry, Oakley, RayBan, and Vogue, all on one platform. So, discover new styles, compare prices, and buy your favorite sunglasses from top sunglasses brands to complete your winter collection for 2020 today!

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