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Architectural Plans PortsmouthArchitectural Plans Portsmouth

Before you hire an expert architectural designer for your project, it is important to figure out what exactly you are looking for. You cannot ask for a quotation, without knowing what your requirements are. And the most basic one to begin with, you need to find an answer to whether you need a technical building plan or you are simply looking for aesthetics, in terms of remodeling?

A designer creates different types of plans for you. From Architectural Plans Portsmouth to floor plans; each one has a different purpose to serve. And if you are completely unaware of what you are looking for, because you have no idea about these plans and the types; then there is nothing to fret about.

Types of Architectural Plans Portsmouth:

There are different types of architectural plans and we have listed some of the most popular one’s for you here. This will help you understand the different plans and you will know what you are exactly looking for.

1. Floor Plans:

To begin with, the most common type of Architectural Plans Portsmouth are the floor plans. They are extremely crucial for all types of interior or architecture design projects. In this plan, you are able to take a look at the entire space, from above. Just imagine, taking the roof off from a space and viewing everything below it; this is what a floor plan looks like.

There are different views of floor plans as well, each, serving its own purpose. For instance, the floor plan above is a model for the furniture plan. It is usually known as a 3D model. It gives you a view of how your apartment or home would look like, with all the furniture placed in it.

2. Sites Plans:

Site plans are almost identical to floor plans. But in this type, you can see the complete building. Site plans can be created for all types of buildings, from a single home to a complex building or maybe an apartment.

In this type of Architectural Plans Portsmouth, you can choose whether you need one site plan for the entire building or you need each floor to have its own plan. Similar to the floor plan, the site plan also has its versions, ranging from 2D to 3D models.

Architectural Plans Portsmouth
Architectural Plans Portsmouth

3. Exterior Elevations:

As the name suggests, this plan shows the outside of your home or a building. When a home is being built, it is important to have an idea about how it will look once constructed. It is extremely helpful. And this is why exterior elevations exist. These drawings also have versions like 2d and 3d drawings.

In 2d elevation drawings, there are a lot of measurements. It shows the linkage between different exterior elements. For example, where the lights should be installed. On the other hand, 3d drawings focus on the visuals entirely although they look quite similar to 2d elevations.

4. Interior Elevations:

Interior elevations are extremely identical to exterior elevations. These drawings or Architectural Plans Portsmouth, play an essential role when building a bedroom or kitchen come into action. They help you create a view for the windows, crown molding and baseboards etc.

In 2d drawings, the focus remains on the measurements and 3d drawings are usually concept drawings by the experts. They showcase what your space would like at the end.

5. Landscape Plans:

Lastly, we have landscape plans. This is a very important plan as without proper landscaping, your home, office or any building will not look complete. Landscape plan designers specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

This requires a lot of training as it is an extremely detailed type of Architectural Plans Havant. It includes everything from sidewalk to flowers and from decorations to fountains etc.


This is certainly not a comprehensive guide to the various types of Architectural Plans in Portsmouth that exist. But they give you a vision of what each plan serves as and what they are used for. It helps you understand what you would need, in certain situations.

For instance, you might be wanting an exterior drawing of your home. Now you know, that you will ask your architectural designer to draw an exterior elevation for you.


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