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When it comes to keeping a home looking good, we get loads of advice.  However, one area that is often overlooked is how to protect our lawn from contractors.  These may be one-time visits from a vital service, or it may be a long-term renovation project. Regardless of the reason, road mats are the best way to protect your valuable lawn and its topsoil.


Road mats were once made of wood. They were too heavy and expensive to be used for regular construction and trade.  However, that’s not true anymore. There are composite mats that cost less, last for years longer, and weigh less than the wood. 


These mats can be laid out to cover the area of a lawn where trucks and machinery will need to operate. This temporary road can be picked up at the end of the work, leaving the grass and dirt in good shape.


The New Addition


When you are drawing up a plan to expand your home, it often doesn’t take into account how many times the contractor’s trucks and heavy machinery will drive back and forth on your grass.  They can cause major damage, but you can bet they won’t pay to correct it.  Anticipating this, negotiate with your contractor to use temporary road mats, also called composite crane mats.  They may complain, but it will help them stay on schedule. There won’t be any bobcats stuck in the mud.


This goes for anything you might build, such as a garage, shed or deck.  If you don’t anticipate the problem and make sure the contractors will be careful, you’ll end up with lawn problems that may take some years, some money or both to correct.


The Plumber’s Visit


When the incoming water pipes or the outgoing sewer pipes are leaking, you know that your plumber is going to dig up your yard.  To an extent, this can’t be helped. What can be prevented is digging equipment tearing up the rest of your lawn.  It usually takes only 10 to 20 temporary road mats to create a safe passage for a tracked vehicle to roll to the excavation site.  


If you are alert to this, you can request protection before the trucks roll over your lawn.  This may not eliminate all damage, but it will make it more manageable. 


Tree Trimming Services


If someone comes to cut back a big tree or to cut it down, chances are they will have multiple trucks and perhaps a bucket truck.  You may end up with a rutted path across your lawn where those vehicles travel.  To avoid that, tell your tree trimming company up front that you want your lawn protected. 


Access mats can be used to reduce the weight of vehicles on sidewalks and driveways. This keeps the equipment from wearing down your hardscapes.


The Family Reunion


Whether it’s a big holiday gathering or an actual family reunion, you are going to need extra parking at  your house.  Having a safe place to park isn’t just for security. It’s also a good idea for any senior citizens who don’t want to walk a long distance to get to your home. Renting composite mats can provide a safe parking area that will preserve your yard. It’s something that event planners should be aware of and help you rent for the occasion.


When you think about how long it takes to establish a lawn, protecting it isn’t a big ask.  Now you know exactly what to ask before work begins.  Contractors and others should be ready to help. 

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