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Did you ever anger your sinuses, which made your head feel painfully heavy as a brick, bringing with it nasal stuffiness, an unusually high body temperature, and fatigue? Then your body just had rolled out the red carpet for sinusitis, widely known as sinus infection, that stems from a viral infection.


This condition, whether acute, sub-acute, or chronic can be painful due to the inflammation of the sinuses as well as the nasal passages, in which a person will suffer from a sore throat, cough, fever, among others. You must have a solid “game plan” in fighting off sinusitis because it can pose many health risks when not adequately controlled. You can find in this article some of the most valuable ways so you can put aside your tissues and relieve sinus congestion as quickly as possible.

Make Water Your Best Friend

A moist throat, they say, is a happy one. Therefore, when you have a miserable life with sinusitis, it is imperative always to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking enough fluids, like water and fresh juices, is beneficial in diluting mucous secretions and in draining sinuses. The more you drink water, the thinner the mucus will become, which will make you feel better.


However, you must avoid drinking beverages with caffeine or alcohol content as these can dehydrate you and only aggravate the swelling of the layers of your sinuses.

Rest Your Mind And Calm Your Sinuses

Getting sick with sinusitis is like missing half of your life. That is why the body needs to heal right away by getting enough sleep to fight the inflammation of the sinuses. Rest is especially crucial in the first few days of the sinusitis attack so the body can pass on its energy toward warding off viruses.


Enough rest is especially important during those times when the immune system is already compromised, and the body’s self-defense is weak. When you can rest, you will be able to refill your energy stores and restore your damaged tissues.

Every Workout Counts

Exercise is relatively important because, even for a limited period, it can reduce nasal congestion. When you walk or run, you produce more sweat and increase blood circulation, which in turn unclogs sinus pressure, enables trouble-free breathing, and detoxifies the body. As previously proven and tested, regular and moderate exercise routines help relieve cold symptoms to include sinusitis.


Nevertheless, weightlifting is not advisable because a sinus infection may cause dizziness that weakens body coordination and balance and debilitates muscle control.

Supply Water To Your Sinuses

A large body of research has currently shown how efficient nasal sprays are, whether medicated or saline solutions, at clearing nasal passages, easing headaches, and decreasing facial discomfort. The Neti Pot and sinus rinses have been considered two of the best treatment options for a sinus infection.


When used twice or thrice a week, they can decrease swelling and the production of mucus, empties the nasal discharge, prevents sinusitis from recurring and, of course, helps you breathe well again. Neti Pots only need clean water but must be kept clean between uses to keep off bacteria from entering the nasal passages. Those who have used Neti pots in the past claim that they were able to treat their sinus problems without having to take antibiotics.

Either You Take It Or Leave It

If you want an immediate relief to the discomfort brought about by sinus infection, you may take over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, decongestants, or antihistamines. Pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen can help soothe the pain caused by pressure accumulation in one’s sinus cavities while decongestants narrow the blood vessels, thereby reducing inflammation and swelling in the nasal passages and easing stuffiness and sinus pressure.


Meanwhile, antihistamines can also give you relief from a sinus infection, only that it mainly targets allergy symptoms. You can take a safe medication for sinusitis like an Aprodine tablet, which is both a decongestant and antihistamine and which you may purchase at a lower price through an Aprodine Tablet coupon. Whatever medication you will soon be opting, make sure that you have discussed it with your doctor and that you have carefully followed the correct dosing instructions.


Whatever the season of the year and wherever you may be, having a sinus infection is an inconvenience. When you have this condition, you can never enjoy even the time spent away from work, domestic chores, or business for a grand vacation in which you are supposed to boost your energy reserves, give yourself a natural high, and keep your mind calm. Hence, you must learn, unlearn, and relearn the best “game plan” there is in overthrowing sinusitis so that you can have a better quality of life that you so deserve.


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