Use These Apps to Automate Your Home
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Use These Apps to Automate Your Home

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There has been an increase in the use apps that help people keep their home security or control their appliances in control that are automated. There has been an increase in the trend of automated devices for homes such as smart locks, thermostats, automated cameras, lights etc. The following apps are functional with different devices that have been launched by the brands for their customers in order to give them full control of the devices that are in use at their homes. You can work on such apps with the help of mobile app development Dubai

August Home

This app lets August owners have full control of their smart locks along with other devices anywhere. August Home lets the users control August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad, August Doorbell and also August Connect through their phone and a single mobile app which users can use for securing their house, controlling access along with keeping track of who is at their door. The app is free to download and can be used at any location by the user. You can start working on an app with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.


Kevo lock users would love this app as it gives the full control of the smart locks. The locks are intelligent enough to not need a phone for using them as users only have to touch the smart lock in order to enter their home by opening the lock. Users can control the people who can do this through issuing eKeys wherever the user is. The permissions by the user can be limited based on the time or the person and they can keep track of who comes and leaves through the app. Find out how you can develop an app for security with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.


This app lets the user control their thermostat with sensors, algorithms and also the location of their smartphone device to do actions automatically such as turning off heat or turning the camera on when the house is empty. People at home are able to get notifications and also control the Nest products through their Nest account. Find out more information and helpful tips with A Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

HoneyWell Home

HoneyWell Home is a free app that is simple and offers its users the ability to control their home temperature. The HoneyWell Lyric App is simple to use as users schedule with a daily set points that are all customizable throughout each day. Smart alerts are a feature that ensures the maintenance on time for the ideal system operation or would tell the user the extreme temperatures or the humidity levels for your home. Users can calculate energy savings and also control the Lyric Round thermostat anywhere through their iPhone or iPad device. Work with mobile app development for starting your own app. Mobile app development Dubai has become the popular route for launching apps.

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