Uses of PICC Line

Healthy living is every individual’s dream. However, each day, people’s actions and nutrition divert this trend and impact health welfare. Health practitioners have been working hard to derive strategies and drugs to treat these diseases. This is why PICC Line placement El Paso is in place to deal with several body problems such as antibiotic and antifungal infections. A Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) line serves several purposes, including treating antibiotics, and cancer, giving liquid nutrition, and offering heart and Several IV medications.

Antibiotics or Antifungal Medication

The Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter provides antibiotic or antifungal medications. Body bacteria or fungal infections are threatening infections that can cause several pains and hamper the well-being of individuals. As a result, they require the patient to have IV drugs daily for a given time. However, this process is easily attainable when a PICC line is located and utilized to offer medications. On the other hand, certain conditions require IV antibiotics for longer periods, including wound care in diabetes and serious urinary tract infections.  

Cancer Treatment

PICC line plays a crucial role in the treatment of cancer. In the early days, health technicians utilized intravenous chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer, irritating the tissues. In most cases, several cancer patients get chemotherapy infusion where the chemotherapy is delivered securely via a standard IV line. The PICCs are essential, but they require weekly change and daily flushing for effective maintenance. Proper maintenance is essential to the cancer patient for longer effectiveness. Hence, the PICC line proves to be integral in cancer treatment.

Liquid Nutrition

A healthcare specialist uses a PICC line to provide liquid nutrition. In several instances, a patient may be experiencing difficulties in absorbing nutrition. Thus, the PICC line is used to give liquid nutrition, also called total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Some of the special conditions that require TPN include digestive tract cancers and inflammatory bowel cancers. If you are experiencing this problem, you should go for the PICC line. Therefore, the PICC line proves to be critical in treating patients experiencing difficulties consuming meals and requiring liquid nutrition.

Heart and Several IV Medications

In most instances, the peripherally inserted central catheter is essential in providing heart and multiple IV medications. Individuals who need hospitalization for cardiac or heart attack critically receive medication in the intensive care unit. During this instance, a PICC line is utilized to give IV medication aiming to treat congestive heart failure. Besides, since the PICC line comprises several ports where drugs can be administered, patients who need several drugs to treat infections should go for TPN or receive chemotherapy treatments. Thus, a peripherally inserted central catheter is crucial as healthcare technicians use it to offer heart and multiple IV treatments.

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