Visa Subclass 186 Checklist and Processing Time in Australia

The visa subclass 186, also known as the Employer Nomination Scheme has been particularly designed for all those international applicants who hold certain skills and abilities in a particular occupation, and, who want to work in Australia based upon that occupation. This is because Australia is recently facing a shortage of skilled workers in many of its states and territories. Hence, the visa subclass 186 allows Australian employers to nominate overseas skilled workers for a specific occupation for a particular Australian state or territory. This particular visa is comprised of three individual streams i.e. the temporary residence stream, the direct entry stream and the agreement stream. A brief introduction to each of these visa streams can be considered below. 

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Applicants who are holding the 457 visa and want to stay and work in Australia as a skilled worker can apply for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream. With this visa stream, applicant can quite easily obtain a permanent residency in Australia provided if his/her employer has selected him/her for a permanent position. 

  • Direct Entry Stream 

If you haven’t qualified to apply for the temporary residence transition stream or have worked in Australia as a temporary resident for a short period of time, then, this particular visa stream is ideal for you. However, if you want to become eligible to apply for this particular visa stream, then, you must be nominated by sponsored Australian employer under the same. 

  • Agreement Stream

When it comes to the Agreement Stream of the visa subclass 186, it paves your way to obtain a permanent residency in Australia. If you want to become eligible for this particular visa stream, then you must be nominated for a particular occupation by a sponsored Australian employer via a negotiated labour agreement. 

What is the processing time of the visa subclass 186? 

Well, when it comes to the processing time of the Employer Sponsored Visa 186, it takes 6 months on an average to process 75% of visas from the date of their applications. On the contrary, the processing duration can sometimes vary to a great extent either due to excessive workload of the immigration officials or some other factors. Conversely, it can be exactly the opposite case as well and many applicants had received their visa subclass 186 only within a short span of two weeks. 

Eligibility Criteria

So, given below are a few general requirements which are applicable to all the three visa streams of the visa 186 mentioned above and which the applicant needs to abide by in the proper and expected way. 

  • You must meet all the requirements of the visa stream in which you have applied for the visa subclass 186 on time. 
  • You should fulfil the health and character requirements in the proper and expected way. 
  • The English language requirements in the proper way should also be fulfilled. 
  • You must be holding all the necessary skills and qualifications for which you have been nominated or must be holding a substantial professional or licensed membership or a mandatory registration. 
  • You must be nominated by a sponsored Australian employer and, you must apply for your visa stream within the validity period of your nomination comprising a duration of 6 months. 

You can apply for the visa subclass 186 both while being inside or outside Australia. However, you must be the holder of a substantial bridging visa while you are applying for the said visa from Australia. 

Can you bring your family members with the visa subclass 186? 

Yes, you can bring your spouse, spouse’s children or stepchildren or your own children or stepchildren with the visa subclass 186, regardless of the stream you have applied for. However, each of your family members needs to meet the required health and character requirements in the proper and expected way. Besides, you also need to prove your relationship with each of them to the Department of Home Affairs through substantial documents as well.

Benefits of the visa subclass 186

Some of the benefits which you can expect after obtaining the visa subclass 186 can be considered below. 

  • This visa allows you to travel to and from Australia for the first 5 years from the date on which your visa subclass 186 was granted. 
  • This visa also lets you sponsor your compatible relatives to obtain a permanent residency in Australia. 
  • This visa also allows you to enrol yourself for Medicare, a popular health-care scheme of Australia. 
  • With the visa subclass 186, you can also work and study in Australia. 
  • Last but not the least, this particular visa also allows you to stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time. 

Besides, if you fail to meet any of the conditions of your Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, then the Department of Home Affairs shall be compelled to cancel your visa all of a sudden. 

Visa subclass 186 opens your pathway to Australian citizenship

With the subclass 186, you can stay and work in Australia temporarily i.e. for not more than 5 year. After this duration gets over, you can apply for another 186 visa by staying in Australia for another 2 years more. If you do not qualify to avail this option, then, you can certainly become eligible for an Australian citizenship. However, to become eligible for an Australian citizenship, you must have stayed in Australia for the next 4 years with your visa subclass 186. This must also include your staying in Australia constantly for a period of 1 year as a permanent resident without any gap. 

Who can help?

So, if you too want to apply for the visa subclass 186, then hire a professional Migration Agent Perth to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application of your Employer Nomination Scheme. Your appointed immigration agent is knowledgeable enough to recommend you the right visa stream according the occupation for which you have been nominated. So, get in touch with a competent Perth based migration agent today and apply for the visa subclass 186 effortlessly.

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