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India as a country has a long journey to date and it carries a lot of history and past stories with it. There are still some places in India, where time stands still and if one visits those places they get the real feel of what living in the past really means.

Ancient cities of India has a strong essence of the past and so when one visits those cities they get to know how exactly it feels like to time travel. Here are some cities of India where one can explore to relive the old charm.


The ancient name of this city was Kashi and at present, it is known as Benaras or Varanasi. This is one of the oldest cities which are inhabited (not only in India but in the entire world). It is a place which is enriched with Aryan religion and philosophy and at the same time, this place also is the center of silk fabrics, brocades, and muslins. The city stands by the banks of River Ganges and when here, one needs to visit the ever famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple apart from the SankatMochan Temple. One can also pay a visit to the mosque of Aurangzeb and the fascinating Ahalya Fort here. A few kilometers drive from the city leads to a Buddhist pilgrimage here called Sarnath.


This place is also popularly known as the birthplace of Lord Rama from the famous Indian epic The Ramayana. This city is situated at the banks of Sarayu River. This place was the center of trade in India and is also a famous center for the Hindu religion. When here, the major places to visit are GuptarGhat, TretaKe Thakur, GulabBaru and Bahu Begum.


When one talks about ancient India, the city of Ujjain used to stand tall as it was the capital of the province of Avanti and it is situated at the banks of Kshipr River. This city was the center for the cultural hub in ancient India because this place was a fascinating center of politics and literature. In this city, the famous Kumbh Mela takes place every 12 years and this place is a prominent one when it comes to Puranic traditions. One can also visit the famous Mahakaleshwar Temple here.


This place is famous for its temples and abundance of jasmine blossoms. This city has been the hometown of many poets and artists in the past and is one of the ancient seats when it comes to Tamil learning academies. In fact, Megasthenese has also mentioned this city in his travelogue. When in this city, one can still get a feel of the ancient Tamil culture.


The actual name of this city was ‘Kanyakubja’ which meant the maiden’s womb. This place is also popularly known as the perfume capital of India. One can get plenty of rose water here which are traditionally distilled here.

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