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Whether you prefer hitting the weights at the gym or going for a run out on the trails, you need healthy joints to support your active lifestyle.

Vitamins for joints can help support your workouts by maintaining the comfort and mobility of your joints.

Read on to learn how vitamins for joints can support your active lifestyle and what you can do to help maintain joint mobility.
How Do Vitamins for Joints Help Support Physical Fitness?
To stay fit throughout your life, you need to participate in physical activity most days. In order to keep up with regular exercise, your bones and joints need to be healthy and flexible.

The main components of optimal joint health are:

⦁ Cartilage, or articular cartilage in particular, provides cushioning between the bones of your joints. This is what makes it possible for your body to bend and move with ease. When you exercise, it is your articular cartilage that maintains space between the bones as they move so you can run, jump, and lunge in comfort.
⦁ Synovium is a membrane that consists of synovial fluid that surrounds the joints and cartilage. This membrane helps maintain fluidity and comfort of movement in the joints.

To help maintain the strength and flexibility of your joints, you need to provide proper care for your cartilage.
Support Healthy Cartilage Production with Vitamins for Joints
The maintenance of your cartilage should be a key focus of your healthy joint regimen. Helping maintain healthy cartilage production can keep your joints mobile and comfortable. One way you can support cartilage health is with vitamins for joints. Specially chosen ingredients are included in these joint-supporting formulas that are known to support the integrity of your cartilage.

Two of the most prominent nutrients that can help maintain cartilage activity are:

⦁ Glucosamine, often included in vitamins for joints since it is one of the natural building blocks of cartilage in the body.
⦁ Curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric. You will find this in many joint health supplements since it is known to help support a healthy inflammatory response.
What Lifestyle Changes Can Support Healthy Joints?
Joint strength and flexibility play an important role in your ability to participate in physical activity. While vitamins for joints can be an integral part of your healthy joint regimen, there are plenty of other lifestyle changes you can implement to help keep your joints supple.

Some of the best ways to help support your bone and joint health include:

⦁ Eating a diet that consists of foods that support both collagen and cartilage production. This includes beans, oranges, green tea, yogurt, brown rice, sardines, and nuts.
⦁ Incorporating strength training into your fitness routine. Your muscles help absorb the impact on your joints, so maintaining muscle strength can also help maintain healthy joints.
⦁ Working on your balance through activities such as yoga and Pilates. Good balance can help support strong, healthy bones and joints.
USANA Bone and Joint Health Supplements: Quality Vitamins for Joints
If you enjoy spending time working on your physical fitness, you need to take extra special care of your bones and joints. The USANA Bone and Joint Health Supplements line consists of an array of joint-supporting formulas to help you stay healthy and active. USANA Procosa was specifically created for joint support through the InCelligence Joint-Support Complex. This powerful blend combines 1500 mg of glucosamine HCL and 260 mg of Meriva* Bioavailable Curcumin Complex to provide your joints with optimal support for strength, comfort, and mobility.

When your joints are healthy and comfortable, your body can move in all the ways you like. Lace up those sneakers and enjoy your fit lifestyle!

*Meriva is a registered trademark of Indena S.p.A.

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