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As an employment lawyer, you probably work on a diverse range of cases. From representing employers in lawsuits filed by employees to fighting the other way around, reviewing job contacts and severance agreements, your expertise is your USP. However, the expertise isn’t enough to get more clients, especially in a competitive legal landscape. You need to build a robust presence online, for which digital marketing is critical. There are agencies like Nifty Marketing that work expansively for employment lawyers. Before you choose to outsource the SEO work, here are some details worth knowing. 

Start with the portfolio

SEO agencies may work for numerous clients, but not many have experience with law firms. You need to check the profile of the shortlisted agencies to know if they have promoted websites of employment law attorneys in the past. You can also ask for references, and if you want to know a service better, check ratings and reviews on Google and other social media sites. 

Understand the strategies

SEO is not a magic wand. You cannot expect to hire an agency and see a sudden surge in website traffic within a week. Instead, schedule a consultation session and discuss what the experts will do for SEO. The list should include all steps relevant for employment lawyers, such as keyword research, identifying long-tail keywords, on-page SEO techniques, and backlinking. 

Check if you can get more

If you have a poorly done website, all your marketing efforts will eventually fail to garner traction. Find an agency that can do website design and SEO, and their developers can tell you whether your existing portal needs a change. Also, when the same company can take care of other things like local ads, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing, all of that is a great plus. 

Discuss the pricing

Usually, SEO agencies take work for law firms for a monthly price, which may include the cost of other things like PPC, content creation, and social media marketing. Avoid companies that have a one-size-fits-all approach and will take the time to know your firm’s needs to design a plan. Never choose a cheaper marketing company, as the results will never justify the investment. A better approach is to find someone who specializes in the legal field and has relevant experience and know-how to offer quality services. 

Finally, ask the agency how you can contact them to get updates and other details. 

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