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A welding helmet, a covering hat or headgear, which is worn on the head in order to perform various types of welding functions for the protection of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and neck from the flash burn, sparks, ultraviolet rays, heat, and infrared lights.

Welding Helmets in Arc Processes:

Welding helmets are usually used in the arc processes, which include gas tungsten welding arc, shielded metal arc welding, and gas metal arc welding. These processes are generally the type of arc processes that connect metals together.

Welding helmets must be worn before any arc processes as loss of vision is the direct result of the unprotected arc processes. Arc eye and retina burns can lead to loss of vision and inflamed cornea.

The modern helmet, which is worn today by the workers, was first invented and used by the Wilson Products in 1973.

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Structure of the Welding Helmet:

Most welding helmets include a window that is covered with a filter. This filter is usually called lens shade. The welder actually looks through lens shades to properly work. In most of the helmets, windows material consists of the tinted glass, variable density filter or tinted plastic. Modern welding helmets are electronic LCD shutters, which work automatically when bright lighting is detected by the sensors.

What Is The Best Welding Helmet For The Money?

Following are some of the best welding helmets offered:

i.Antra AH6-260-0000: This is the most famous welding helmets available in the market. It has most of the features of a modern electronic welding helmet such as extra lenses, adjustable sensitivity, adjustable delay, adjustable shade ranges, auto-darkening, grinder shade setting, auto-darkening, etc. This is the best Welding Helmet Reviewed for the money.

ii.DeskPro Welding Helmet: This is another famous welding helmet, which is available at affordable rates in the market. It also has dozens of impressive features, such as auto-darkening, adjustable shade ranges, adjustable delay, adjustable sensitivity, etc. This product does not offer extra lenses.

iii.Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 4C Lens Technology: Lincoln Electric VIKING welding helmet is another most renowned welding helmet that offers the utmost protection and safety to the welders with its amazing features. It has all the features that Antra has, also including the other two elements such as big helmet bag and bandana.

iv.Miller Electric Digital Elite: This is one of the most renowned welding helmets, having all the features touted by other competitors in the market. Miller Electric Digital Elite is a renowned manufacturer. This welding helmet offers replacement lenses and a helmet bag, which are its additional features.

v.Z ZTDM Welding Helmet Pro Racer Mask: This is also one of the most modern and convenient welding helmets available in the market, offering a great many advantages to the welders. It has all the features that are touted by the competitors, however, it lacks extra lenses. Its greatest advantage is that it is the lowest priced. So, you can avail of a welding helmet at a lower price.

How Long Do Welding Helmets Last?

Welding helmets last for a number of years. If the welding helmet has a non-replaceable battery, it would last almost 7 years period of time. However, the welding helmet has a replaceable and solar-powered battery, it would last longer than that.

However, the expiration date depends upon how you store and use the helmet. You should take the precautionary measures for preventing the welding helmet from rust, crumble or bend. Thus, your welding helmet with the non-replaceable battery will last for seven years and replaceable welding helmet may last longer than that.

How Do I Choose A Welding Helmet?

All welding helmets must consist of a few important characteristics. Following are some of the best welding helmet characteristics which should be available –

justifying the paid amount:

i.Variable Shades: There are different types of welding processes such as TIG, Stick or MIG, so the welding amperage and brightness of the arc may vary. Thus, you would be needing a welding helmet that has variable shades – adjustable with different welding processes.

ii.Entry-Level Lenses: The welding helmet you buy as a beginner, must have entry-level lenses. Entry-level lenses are most frequently rated at 1/3,600 of a second, while professional or industrial level helmets are rated as highest as1/20,000 of a second.

iii.Auto-Darkening Feature: The best welding helmet must have an auto-darkening feature, which is an electronic LCD shutter that blocks the rays, brightens and dims automatically. Thus, the auto-darkening feature brings much convenience to the welders. Auto-darkening helmets make puddle look perfectly neat to the welder, so that arc processes are executed finely.

iv.Lightweight Welding Helmet: The welding helmet should be firmly made and lightweight. The arc processes continue for hours, so one will not be able to continue welding if the welding helmet is heavy. So, you are suggested to only purchase the welding helmets that have rigid construction but yet have optimal comfort durability.

v.Grinder Shade Setting: Welding helmets are used for a number of functions, also including grinding. With the grind mode, you are given an extra layer of safety and protection against the abrupt flashes.

vi.Adjustable Delay: The welding helmet must have an auto adjustable delay function in it, thus protecting you from the rays and other damaging elements.

vii.Adjustable Sensitivity: The welding helmet gets darker as the rays within the field intensify. So, the adjustable sensitivity automatically adjusts the darkening mode of the welding helmets.

viii.Viewing Area: The welding helmet must have a Viewing Area of 3.86” x 1.73” or 6.68 sq inches.

ix.Extra Lenses: The welding helmet must come with extra lenses.

x.ANSI Certified: The welding helmet should have been certified by the ANSI.

Conclusion: Welding helmets for beginners have been suggested above, which make the arc process a piece of cake for them. Auto-features of the welding helmets gives the welders an advantage. When you are buying a welding helmet, make sure all the helmets have the abovementioned features so that arc processes are easily carried out by the beginners.

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