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Applications and Advantages of Gear Oil Pumps

Machine gear pumps have many advantages when used and especially the advantages of gear pumps help to make heavy things easier. Gear pumps are widely used on the market today in many industries and many industrial fields.

The two basic types of gear pumps present in the industry are internal gear pumps and external gear pumps, in addition, there are multi-stage gear pumps used where pressure is required. Its pump capacity is very high.

Applications of Gear Pump

The general application of gear pumps is the application of high viscosity liquids such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, fuels. In addition, they also have applications in hydraulic systems with medium pressure, and for high pressure hydraulic systems such as elevators, gear pump damper control is used as the primary pump. In industries, gear pumps are used to pump oil to lubricate machinery with the effect of motor transmission.

The pump is capable of withstanding overload for a long time. On the same unit weight, the pump has a larger number of revolutions and capacity. The pump structure is simple, so it is easy to fabricate and disassemble. It has compact size and high accuracy when working.

We can easily see gear pumps in many different hydraulic systems and machinery systems. However, this type of pump is only suitable for small and medium systems with low pressure and low pump flow. For large systems, requiring high pressure, the hydraulic pump will act as a primary pump.

If the gear hydraulic oil pump malfunctions, it will cause the system to malfunction, so a strong, quality pump will bring long-term efficiency to the user.

What are the advantages of gear pumps?

The typical advantages of gear pumps are advantages in structure, in the principle of operation, and also in pump applications.

Each of the advantages of gear pumps is the reason why users choose gear pumps for their applications.

  • Gear pumps have many applications with special applications in medium pressure hydraulic systems, with the role of primary pump in high-pressure hydraulic pump systems, especially gear pumps use the most efficiently for pumping applications of thick, super-concentrated and super-viscous liquids.
  • Gear pumps have many preeminent features and are suitable for most liquid pumping needs of users.
  • There are many different brands of gear pumps and there are also many different types of gear pumps for customers to choose from, the most typical are internal gear pumps and external gear pumps.
  • The principle of operation of the gear pump is the easy-to-understand, high-performance liquid compression principle.
  • Thanks to the medium pump pressure, gear pumps are more suitable for many applications that other pumps do not have.
  • Compact and lightweight gear pump design is easy to move, easy to use, easy to install and maintain.
  • The structure of the gear pump is quite simple, which is convenient for disassembling and troubleshooting when there is a problem.
  • Internal gear pumps are also capable of priming and dry running for a short time.
  • In particular, the gear pump is able to withstand overload for a short time thanks to the number of revolutions and power per unit weight.

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