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Assault is a term that is the cumulation of almost all types of harm or damage that someone causes to another person. It is considered a criminal activity and depending on the degree of the damage or the severity of the situation the offender can even face serious punishment such as jail time. But there are multiple types of assaults and the assault laws are flexible. Thus, different activities are tried differently. Let us read through some common types of assault charges where you can take the help of an assault lawyer New Westminster:


Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is when someone tries to intimately harm another person. Actions such as rape are considered sexual assault and are heinous crimes. When someone is accused of sexual assault the offender likely faces prison time as it is considered one of the most serious types of assault.


Deadly weapon assault

Deadly weapon assault is when the attacker tries to harm someone primarily in cases of theft using a deadly weapon. It necessarily doesn’t mean that the weapon has to be a gun or knife, it can be anything that can cause damage to someone physically, such as a broken glass bottle, or a stick.


Simple Assault

A simple assault is when someone physically injured another person due to any reason. For instance, breaking someone’s car windshield in a fight. These types of assaults are the most common type. There are three types of simple assault:

  • First-degree assault
  • Second-degree assault
  • Third-degree assault


Vehicular Assault

Vehicular assault is damage done to someone because of your reckless driving due to any reason. In most cases, a vehicular assault occurs when a driver is driving under influence and their irresponsible behavior causes someone harm and monetary loss. In vehicular assault cases, usually, the offender needs to compensate the victim with a fair settlement amount.


Anyone should not have to deal with such assault charges alone and it’s their right to get an attorney to represent them. In circumstances where you are wrongfully accused by anyone of any type of assault charge, you should immediately hire an experienced attorney. The benefits of having an attorney are diverse, they will help you from handling and filing all the paperwork and collecting all the pieces of evidence that are essential for your case. In addition, in criminal cases details are highly crucial because one missed important point can lead to you facing serious charges. Thus, approach an attorney and let them help you get through.


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