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If you are purchasing your first house to settle down with your family, a home inspection is strongly suggested before the contract agreement with the realtor. This is to ensure that there will be no higher cost for house repairs and the structural component of the house will stand still for a longer period. 

One and Done Home Inspections can give you a bit of detail on what a home inspector usually does during home inspections.

. Let us take some time to know the different tasks a home inspector can do during home inspections.

House Assessment

Structural components, roof area, plumbing system, electrical system, and other physical systems will be assessed first by your home inspector. Inspecting every bit of these physical and structural components is crucial as it will be the future life integrity of the house that we are considering. A good home inspector will not hide anything about the house’s condition but will be transparent and real to the client even if it entails larger costing or low benefits. 

Here are some house components or systems that home inspectors mainly inspect:

  •         Heating and Cooling System
  •         Plumbing and Electrical System
  •         Walls, Ceiling, Floors, Windows, Doors
  •         Foundation, Ground Floor, Basement Area
  •         Structural Components

Making Reports

The home inspector’s report will be derived from the assessment or inspection done. Whether the report reflects poor results in the house assessment, it is still relevant and important for the client to know so no regrets will be felt later. The report will also be the written weapon to agree with the realtor before the contract signing. With that, the client can demand a lower market price or repairs to the realtor before they purchase the property.

Client Consultations

After house inspections and report briefing, the next step that a home inspector does is to talk to the client and give the exact details of the home inspections. The result will be transparently delivered to the client to address all house defects that can still be fixed. During the consultation with the client, the home inspector can give some advice on what they can do or suggest better options. 

Follow up Measures

Using the home inspection checklist, the homeowner can start on the major defects reported since this can have a big effect on the house’s structural integrity. On the side of the sellers or realtors, if the home inspector’s report shows multiple flaws or defects, they can consider the property’s market price, or they can resell it after all issues have been addressed. 

If you are now ready to purchase your own house, do not hesitate to hire a home inspector through One and Done Home Inspections. Work with our professional home inspectors. We are here to serve and help you find the best home inspector for your home. Call us with our customer service hotline or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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