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Are you aware that about two people die every hour from skin cancer? Skin cancer cases continue to worry and increase every day, affecting more than 9,000 people in the US alone every single day. Melanoma skin cancer is among the most serious types with the ability to spread faster than other skin cancer types. Chevy Chase melanoma specialists at Ali Hendi MD work with you to develop detailed and personalized treatments for skin cancer. The dermatologist leads his team using innovative techniques to help manage cancer and improve your health. Here, we get into details of understanding melanoma.

What is melanoma?

It is a skin cancer disease that grows in the melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells responsible for giving the skin a brown color. When these cells grow abnormally, they lead to melanoma.

Melanoma can occur at any age but commonly occurs in old age with an average age of 65 years. The disease is more typical in men; however, women also have a high risk of developing it below 50.

Melanoma tends to spread to other body parts, making it the most serious skin cancer type. Early discovery and treatments can help curb its spreading.

Where do melanomas develop?

They can grow in any part of the skin. For women, melanomas form on the legs, whereas they are likely to develop on the back or chest for men.

The melanomas can also grow on your eyes, mouth, or genitals.

What are the characteristics of melanomas?

They may begin as a new spot on the skin; the spot may change in size, color, and shape. Melanomas may also appear as strange spots or lesions on the skin.

If you notice suspicious spots in your skin, it would be best to let a skin cancer specialist at Ali Hendi, MD, have a look at you. It is also wise to let your provider know of any moles that seem unusual.

Treatments for melanoma

Your melanoma treatment depends on the stage of cancer, among other factors. When in the early stage, Dr. Hendi and the team may recommend surgery to get rid of cancer. However, when the disease is at late stages, they may need to combine other treatments with surgery.

According to studies, Mohs surgery, when used with special stains, provides an effective treatment for melanoma early. Ali Hendi, MD, is among the only practice in Washington, DC, with what it takes to perform a successful Mohs surgery procedure.

Before the surgery, the Ali Hendi team will elaborate on your treatment options and answer any questions you might have. They provide compassionate care to help you choose the perfect treatment for your skin cancer.

In conclusion, we may not escape or change the fact that skin cancer is prevalent. However, we can take measures in our hands to prevent ourselves from the disease. One of the most practical ways is by protecting our skin from environmental factors such as UV light. We can do this by wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen. At the Ali Hendi, MD, besides treatments, also offers cancer screenings to help detect the disease early. Having yourself checked for melanoma regularly is wise; call Dr. Hendi’s office today to schedule your appointment.




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