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Large companies embrace digital transformation and invest in dedicated servers to improve customers’ experience. However, there are a few criterias to keep in mind before choosing a package from the same category. If you end with the wrong dedicated server, you might not get the expected results. Here are the most important factors to analyze!

Technologies & Architecture

Each dedicated server is different and was built for another purpose. To make sure you can do all of your tasks effortlessly, see what technologies you have inside. First, notice what operating systems are available. If you’re a technical person, you might go with a Linux distribution. Windows servers are created for companies that expect a familiar interface. Secondly, you need to ensure the hardware capabilities manage all your future growth objectives. The RAID system is important, as well as the RAM memory. 

Network Quality

The network quality is influenced by the physical location. The further your dedicated server is from customers, the more likely they’ll experience slowdowns. That’s why it’s recommended to select a provider that’s active near your area. Another aspect to take into consideration is whether you have HDD or SSD hard disks. While the first option offers lots of storage, it’s not the best when it comes to speed. Solid state drives and NVMes maximize the time responses and guarantee greater performance.

Security Levels

Security remains a significant concern for most businesses in this age. With so many cyberattacks online, protection should be a top concern when selecting dedicated hosting. Your business data is always at risk, but there are ways to prevent most scenarios from happening. You need at least an active firewall and a back-up solution to fight against security breaches. 

Besides these, consider looking for a company with excellent customer support. A team of experts will be useful when you experience downtime or similar problems. Your provider must have virus prevention measures in place and ways to filter spam to give you enough protection.

The costs

The price for dedicated servers should be calculated carefully. You probably have in mind the monthly fee, but how about the management aspects? Also, some features like a control panel will require additional licenses. You shouldn’t overpay for most services, but it’s important to anticipate how much money you will spend and if it’s worth the effort. Your budget might include a setup fee and maintenance, depending on the situation.
All businesses have varying performance requirements and you will be as specific as possible. If you’re not sure about the best dedicated hosting solution, ask for insights from an expert on the subject. At we have multiple alternatives and you can make an order today to make your website an invaluable business asset.

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