Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
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Are you learning to design a website? There are some simple criteria that are useful to break up the content and make the website a present table. The website’s introduction in the making starts with the homepage design.

Remember that – it needs to be inviting for customers because rather than reading the content, people or more into the things that are explained with emotions like using images.

The first criteria on which you should work for web design is making the website breeze for customers to navigate. It is possible if you include some of the essential features such as –

1. Link logo to the homepage

Do you like to try something new and exciting every time? If to break out the mould in your need, so they do not try a search of the things while introducing the websites. When it comes to the website’s navigation, you have to be very particular with the design. After all, your primary motive is your users will find out the services in your place quickly. The site that has solid navigation makes the working smooth for the users and improves their experience seamlessly.

2. Mind your menu

The subsequent thing to consider is adding a link to the logo on the homepage. These are the proficient website design tips useful for standard practice. The visitors are definitely expecting to grab everything quickly with precious clicks. For that, it is recommended to create your own logo to show your brand identity. In addition, this logo appears that you have made the efforts to introduce.

3. Offer Vertical Navigation

Does your website comprise the long-scrolling variety? It means you have a lot to offer your customers about the products and services you are providing; in the one-page website, why not use the anchor menu. It helps the users to go with one click, and viewers are able to jump from one section to another. For instance, you can add a back to top button, which helps the visitors quickly reach the top of the page whenever they need.

4. Work on Footer

The next thing that makes the website work smooth is working on the footer. Again, it is a good idea for your website, which seems to be perfect for adding value to your website. For instance, you can go for placing all the essential links on the platform only. This also includes the contact information, shortened version of the menu, social media icons or other relevant links for helping visitors to get the required things effortlessly.

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5. Make Mobile Friendly

The last thing is introducing the web design as mobile-friendly. It has been known that most customers use mobiles while searching for websites. So the visitors must be given the opportunity to enjoy the professional website on the device. It makes browsing easy for them. So go for the mobile version by putting the position of the users, and do not forget to test out every page of the website.

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