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What Is A Cheap Alternative Software Similar To Adobe Illustrator?

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You may find tons of graphics software in the market and Adobe Illustrator is one of those software programs. It is a widely used graphic software using which you can create stunning logos, illustrations, icons, etc. You can use this software from multiple devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. However, it priced a bit high due to which you don’t want to use this software. So, here we are going to discuss some of the cheaper Adobe Illustrator Alternatives that you can use for saving some bucks.

5 Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

There are several options available in the market that you can use in place of Adobe Illustrator. Out of them, we have picked the 5 cheapest alternatives for you and these are:

Affinity Designer

One of the prime alternatives that you can use in place of Adobe Illustrator is Affinity Designer. It is a professional vector designing software that you can use for creating concept art, logos, icons, etc. This software can also help you in game development.

Compatibility of Affinity Designer

You can use this software on multiple devices including Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Top Features of Affinity Designer

There are lots of astounding features linked to the use of this vector graphic software:

  • Easy to use: It is very easy to use Affinity Designer. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can use it with ease. 
  • PAN and Zoom: By using this software, you can use the Pan and Zoom feature at a rate of 60fps. Besides, you can also zoom up to 1000000% smoothly without facing any lag.
  • Fully Customizable: You can also customize this software according to your needs. You can change the theme of the software. Besides, you can also add your favorite tools to the quick access bar for easily using them. 
  • Available in various languages: This software is available in 9 different languages. The major languages in which this software is available are English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  • Vector: It comes with a comprehensive vector toolkit. You can adjust the pen pressure perfectly in just a few strokes. This can help you to draw accurate lines.

Price of Affinity Designer

As compared to Adobe Illustrator this software is priced very low. Its one-time licenses for Windows, Mac, and iPad costs $24.99, $24.99, and $9.99.

Clip Studio Paint

The second cheap alternative to the Adobe Illustrator that we have picked is Clip Studio Paint. It is one of the most popular graphic and comic software. Besides comics, this software can also be used for creating concept art, character art, animations, and illustrations.

Compatibility of Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint can be used on various devices including Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, etc.

Features of Clip Studio Paint

There are tons of amazing features that are linked to the use of Clip Studio Paint. The major features out of them are:

  • Adjust Pen Pressure: It is very easy to start working with the Clip Studio Paint. In just a few strokes you can adjust the pen pressure and draw perfectly.
  • Use of Vector Layers: This software supports the use of the vector layers. You can modify make changes to the vector layer without affecting the original layer.
  • Use of 3D Figures: Clip Studio Paint also supports the use of 3D figures and object. It also provides lots of features that you can use to modify the 3D figures.
  • Photos to Illustration Conversion: This software also supports photo to illustration conversion. By using this software, you can also convert the 3D models into illustrations.
  • AI colorization: Clip Studio Paint also has an in-built coloring tool. It can color an object just by following the hints. This helps you in coloring efficiently and making attractive illustrations.

Price of Clip Studio Paint

It is available as a one-time license and the price of the Clip Studio Paint Pro version is $49.99 for both Windows and Mac devices. You can also avail of a Clip Studio Paint Discount for saving some bucks on this software.

Gravit Designer

The last graphic design software that we have picked is Gravit Designer. It is a full-featured vector graphic software that comes with some powerful designing tools that you can use for designing icons, logos, etc. Moreover, this software can help you in software development and allow you to design the UI (User Interface) of an app.

Compatibility of Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer can work on various kinds of devices including devices having Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS operating systems. Besides you can also use it on Android and iOS devices.

Features of Gravit Designer

There are lots of amazing features that are associated with the use of the Gravit Designer. The major attributes out of them are:

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: With Gravit Designer, you can store as many files as you want in the cloud. This also helps you in accessing the files anytime from anywhere.
  • Compatible with Touch Screen Devices: Most of the graphic design software doesn’t work with touch screen devices. But you can use Gravit Designer even with devices that are touch screens.
  • Font Support: Gravit Designer also provides a very big library of fonts. Besides, you can also add customer external fonts to your project.
  • Supports Various Color Spaces: It supports the use of the CMYK, HSB, and RGB color spaces. You can use any of the desired color spaces in your project.

Price of Gravit Designer

As compared to Abode Illustrator, the price of Gravit Designer is very low. By spending just $49.00, you can get the yearly license of this software.

So, these are some of the cheap alternatives to Adobe Illustrator that you can use in place of it. All of these alternatives are very easy to use and you can also save some bucks by using them.

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