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What is an Air Purifier? What are its uses and benefits?

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About UV Air Sanitizer:

Air purifiers can eliminate the smallest microbes in the air, removing harmful airborne germs. They include cold and flu viruses and bacterias and dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and smoke particles. UV room air sanitizer is not a newly developed technology. It has proven outcomes of killing up to 99% of germs resulting in the fresh and clean air. Many hospitals are again using room air sanitizer to sanitize rooms, medical equipment, sinks, etc. With the emerging technologies and latest advancement, it is quite good that air sanitizers are now available for personal use. To breathe in the clean air is the crucial and foremost thing for healthy living. If you have any sort of allergies or suffer from asthma attacks or any other related issues concerning lungs, you should probably seek Room Air Sanitizer benefits.

Air Sanitizers use UV-C, which is a part of the ultraviolet light spectrum, which is cleaned out by the earth’s atmosphere, to destroy airborne germs. Its main goal is to reduce or kill microbiological organisms’ real growth or development, such as fungi, germs, bacteria, viruses, and so on. Room Air sanitizer is generally operated in such a way that it is distinct from any other air purification method. 

Hence, these room air sanitizers don’t claim to chunk every contaminant in the air; rather, they destroy and remove the microorganism from your interior spaces.

Why Opt For Room Air Sanitizers?

To use room air sanitizers is innovative and creative thinking. These sanitizers will not only remove and kill the microorganism from your interior spaces but also make our interior spaces cleaner and fresher for the elderly and our children. In this coronavirus pandemic, it is considered the best to have room air sanitizers in every home to improve indoor air quality and make our home cleaner’s interior spaces. This will help in leading a healthier life.

Why Sanitize The Indoor Air? 

On average, we devote 90% of our time indoors. Hence, it is vital and significant to let our indoor spaces germs and viruses free, especially because of this dangerous and deadly Coronavirus disease. The reasons you should consider to sanitize the indoor areas may include:

  • We breathe more than ten thousand liters of indoor air every single day.
  • Emissions, air pollutants, and street dust flow into indoor spaces through mechanical ventilation.
  • Chemicals evaporate into indoor air from construction and surface materials, furniture, and technical appliances.
  • We cannot see polluted air through the naked eye, but the air pollutants certainly have ill effects on the human body.
  • If we are exposed to impure indoor air surrounding for a more extended period, it may lead to permanent health damage. That’s why, for the human body to stay healthy, the constant exposure to fresh and clean air is a necessity.
  • These indoor air pollutants most severely affect children, pregnant women, and people with respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, and even the old age people.
  • It is also claimed that pregnant women exposed to polluted air are more likely to have premature baby birth, babies with low birth weight, and autism, among others.
  • Children are more active and energetic than adults, and hence, they inhale more air per unit of body weight as compared to adults. Consequently, children breathe in more air pollutants. 
  • Pollution is the biggest threat to child health, which accounts for almost 1 to 10 deaths of children under five years of age.

Why Choose Room Air Sanitizers?

  1. It produces 700 Liters of Oxygen per day.
  2. It restores the cyclic air that is trapped indoors.
  3. It is 12 times faster air-purifying than house plants.
  4. It removes unpleasant odors and keeps indoors clean and fresh.
  5. It creates a healthy environment for early age child health development.
  6. It supports physical and mental strains away and acts as a mood elevator.
  7. It activates higher cognitive development in children.
  8. It removes pollutants like CO2, CO, VOOC, NO2, hence preventing chronic heart and respiratory diseases.
  9. It creates a natural playground for the positive development of your children.

So, if you are looking for the most effective and crucial way to sanitize the polluted air you breathe at your personal indoor spaces, considering the UV air room sanitizer for your indoor spaces is the perfect option to opt for. It will keep you healthy and safe! Also, it will help in living a healthier life.

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