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So, you have been writing for years now. What are your current plans to improve your writing skills?

Reading more blogs? Spending more time editing your content? Thinking out of the box?

Well, these are the first few things that come into our minds. But, we need to think beyond our everyday improvements.

It is true that the digital marketing sphere is continuously evolving. The thing trending today might not remain there tomorrow. 

That’s why you need to make your content flexible and adaptable. 

I, Divya Gandotra (Managing Director, EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd), am still working every day on my writing skills and thriving to exceed my own levels. 

How Divya Gandotra Makes Her Writing Future-Ready?

You must remember that you are not competing with the market or other writers while writing, but your fight is against yourself. 

Every day you must sleep with the thought that you did better than yesterday and will be doing the best tomorrow. 

It would help if you embraced the changes happening in the industry instead of staying in your bubble. 

Here are a few things that I have been using to fine-tune my content and make it future ready. 

#1 Mix Your Content With Visuals

While writing content, your sole aim should be to engage more readers and enhance their experience. 

Implementing visual media to your content is the best way to make it more readable and appealing. I’ll use some scientific facts here to prove the point:

“Almost 90% of data transmitted to our brains go through visuals.”

So, the more visuals you will use in your content, the better your readers will be able to connect with you. Use images, videos, infographics, etc., to make your content palatable. 

Whether you are writing for a blog or website, using visuals will definitely increase the clicks and sales. 

#2 Seek Inspirations From Influencers

I would agree that often businesses fail to create content that can bring a breakthrough and instantly become a catch among the target audience. 

 Such a complex task can be effortlessly done by influencers. These are the digital artists who know how to tweak content and get a response from the audience. 

 They target a small section of the audience and create a massive fan following among them. The reason influencers get a response is that they don’t have any product/service to sell; they only work to inform and educate their audience. 

 These influencers can be a great source of content ideas. Check out their Youtube channels, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to learn the concepts they have been using and get inspired. 

#3 Do Less Do Better

There’s no race where the one writing the maximum number of words would win. The winner is always the one who can engage and entwine the readers even in fewer words. 

Today, no one wants to read a lengthy blog or web content that hardly has something valuable for the readers. Also, it doesn’t matter if you blog daily when no one’s actually reading it.

The right approach is to become best at doing a few things and getting better results. 

To be more precise, you need to work on your content’s quality and credibility instead of just increasing the number. 

#4 What>So What>What Now?

Analysing your content on the “W, H” has been a convention method. But, you need to think more analytically in order to improve your content. 

You need to keep asking the WHATs before you move forward. 

In this case, I have created a 3 WHAT rule:

 What: What is it trying to tell me?

  • So What: What does it mean?
  • Now What: What should I do?

This is a content analytics approach that helps in making your analytics more actionable. It also clears the clutter in the first layer itself. 

These are quite a few things that I, Divya Gandotra, do to improve my content constantly. 

Don’t be a stubborn writer; always keep exploring and experimenting with your content.  


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