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What Is PMP Certification? What Is It Used for?

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Why Choosing PMP Certification?

A few years ago, a friend of mine said that she had passed the PMP exam and obtained the certificate. She told me some ideas and concepts of project management. Besides, at that time I had some problems in dealing with a project. Therefore, I decided to learn PMP, as well.

Before Learning PMP

I had a little understanding of project management. I only knew that clients involved and project members were different, but I did not know what exactly the differences were. I only knew a few stages like research and development, design, test and application of a project. As for the output of each stage and their functions to the project, I could not give a specific answer. is pmp worth it?

After Learning PMP

1. Improving Project Management Ability

I can analyze a project and manage it from a scientific perspective. The three key factors, scope, progress, and cost as well as one important factor, quality influence the success of a project. A project is time-limited with a clear scope. We need to clearly understand the expectations and needs of the initiator and clarify budget and demands. The cost of a project should be carefully calculated. When we are taking a software project, most cost is the manual work cost. When time and demanded are preset, the cost is basically stable. While the scope and time changes, cost will be affected. The relationship between project time and cost is an inverted parabolic shape. Furthermore, we need to consider quality. Only a quality project is valuable and meaningful, otherwise it is still a failure. When we are weighing these factors, we should take them all into carefully consideration so that we can achieve a successful project.

2. Know about the PMP Involved Knowledge Domains

Project integration management, project scope management, project time, cost, quality, human resources, risk management, and management of project stakeholders and procurement are all aspects of PMP. Here, I want to talk about the project risk management. When we are carrying a project of a new field and we are unfamiliar with the business, we must evaluate the risk ahead of time. Risk will pose great influence on a project, affecting outcomes, customers’ satisfaction, and the payment of project acceptance

3. Increase Personal Opportunities

Last year, our company conducted biding. Originally, I was not the project manager. Latter I was appointed to do the job because the client required that the project manager must be the one with PMI PMP certification. In our department, only I have the certificate. As we can see, the listed enterprises emphasize the project management knowledge and ideas of the certification and highly recognize the certificate.


Thanks to the PMP exam, I have a more systematic understanding of project management and I know better about management. After learning the knowledge, I am clear about the direct I should work hard toward. I believe I can have a better plan to realize my targets. If you want to pass the PMI PMP exam, it is suggested to take a full PMP exam prep so that you are more likely to pass the exam with a good result.

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