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2020 is now long gone and it is high time to seriously consider what are the best picks for 2021. The world of slots is a vast one, and more often than not one gets lost in the jargon of misleading sponsored articles trying to direct you to the wrong place.

We recognize that it is vital to be on top of your game by knowing the best online slot titles to play in 2021. This is why we would like to offer you a list of some of the best online slot titles to play in 2021 and why we think they are great – play Slingo

What makes a great slot machine?

In this section we will explore a few of the essential qualities that makes up a good online slot game. 

  •       The theme must be attractive and engaging. This is extremely important as this will keep you focused. The graphics and animations are very important in accomplishing this and must be high end if you want to think of the slot as a great slot.
  •       Multiple paylines and reels. This is vital as the morepaylines and reels you have the more options you possess. This will allow you to design your own strategy and gain the advantage over other players.
  •       A good return to player percentage. What ever you do, do not waist your time with a return to player percentage below 95 percent. Really good online slot games have a return to player percentage that is at least above 97 percent. Check the daftar joker123 that offers you a huge payout before you choose to play the game.

A list of the best online slot games to play in 2021 

In this part of the article you will find a list of a few of the best online slot games to play in 2021.

1.     Gonzo’s Quest

This is an extremely popular online slot game. This online slot boasts state of the art graphics and animations and offers a return to player percentage of 96 percent with 10 paylines 3 row and 5 reels. You can’t gop wrong with gonzo’s quest, so give it a try. 

2.     Shamrock Holmes Megaways

This popular online slot game has everything going for it, including luck! Best on the theme of Irish luck this online slot game is one of the most played games out there. With a return to player percentage of 96.44 percent, up to 110 000 different paylines and 6 reels. With this special online slot you can win up to 28 000 pounds! 

3.     Voodoo magic

This eerie online slot game has much to offer. With a return to player percentage of 95.5, 4 to 5 reels and up to 40 different paylines. Let your luck overcome the bad juju, spin those reels with voodoo magic and bring home that sweet cash. 

Now that you know what makes the best online slot games in 2021 and know some of the top games in 2021, you are ready to head on over to you favorite casino website and start your wagers. Remember, bet responsibly with a reasonable budget and have fun, we know you will.

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