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Dubia Roaches an Excellent Pet Food for

Caring for your pet starts with how you choose their feeder. Unfortunately, some feeders can be quite expensive and out of your budget. Often, you have to compromise between the cost of the feeder and the nutrition it provides. 

Understanding your reptile pet’s feeding habits is essential when it comes to selecting the right feeder, but you need to keep the cost and benefits of the feeder in mind as well. Hence, many people opt for Dubia roaches as the perfect food for their reptiles.

Why Choose This Feeder?

Dubia roaches can be a cost-effective feeder that offers benefits to your reptile. With these roaches, you receive several benefits, which are not just limited to their excellent nutritional qualities. So, what do these feeders have to offer for your lovely pet?

Nutritionally Packed

With Dubia roaches, you won’t have to worry about your reptile’s nutrition. These feeders come with ample nutrition and hence, make for good feeders. While some other bugs may occasionally have more nutritional benefits, they also contain certain components which aren’t suitable for your reptile. Hence, do not just go for the most nutritious ones; check for the breeding, the nourishment and overall features of the bugs or feeders. 

The top-quality roaches bred carefully can nourish reptiles properly, as they are high in protein, minerals, and calcium. They are also low in fat and chitin, which your reptiles should stay away from to be healthy. 

Clean and Fuss-free

Keeping other feeders clean and free from pests or mold seems like taking care of another pet. However, with these roaches, you will not worry about keeping your eyes peeled. Though roaches are often deemed disease vectors and unclean, they spend most of their time grooming themselves. These creatures can survive in a mostly dry climate; hence their enclosures can be kept free of moisture, their excretions do not smell. As a result, they are less likely to become a breeding ground for flies or other pests. Additionally, they have a mostly plant-based diet, making them easier to care for.

No Noise 

Often, feeders are prone to making noises, whether it is a small chirp or squeaking noises. Fortunately, dubia roaches do not hiss, chirp, or make any noises in the middle of the night. The most that you can expect to hear from them is scurrying off to look for a mate or their next meal. Hence, you do not have to deal with strange noises in the middle of the night with these creatures.

Endless Supply

Most people like to house their feeders so that they will have almost a never-ending supply. Unfortunately, breeding most feeders takes a lot of time and effort; often, it can be hard to get feeders to breed. 

However, dubias are known to be prolific breeders, and adult roaches produce up to 35 nymphs every alternate month. However, keep in mind that their fertility is strongly linked to their health and living conditions. So, maintain them properly when breeding dubias. 

No Bites

Unlike most other feeders, these roaches are harmless. They do not bite, nobble or attack you, your reptile, or fellow roaches in their habitat. While crickets, mealworms, and darkling beetles are known to nobble or attack other bowl mates, roaches keep to themselves. 

Usually, they may either try to nibble on your skin if you have just handled food, but as soon as they realize that your hand isn’t food, they are quick to scurry away.

Why Is It Hard to Find Roaches?

Go to any local pet store, and when you ask them about feeders, you will probably only find crickets and perhaps some other insects. Dubia Roaches are very difficult to find, despite their enormous benefits. Mostly, this problem arises because many people are not aware of how beneficial roaches can be. They are often categorized as dirty and unhygienic, which causes people to stay away from them. 

However, they are an excellent feeder for your pet reptile. If you want a high-quality and consistent supply of dubias, check out some leading online platforms that sell these roaches at the right prices and help you set up your roach colony too. 

Selecting a feeder is an important decision, but with little information about the marvelous roaches out there, it is hard to hail them as a great option. 

For ensuring that your reptile is as happy as possible, it is important to pick a good feeder. While these roaches are an excellent choice, they can be hard to find! When deciding which feeder to opt for, it is best to select hassle-free, affordable, and packed nutrients. 

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