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A startup is a company that has been started by an individual or a group of individuals as a scalable business model. It is different from that of an entrepreneur because an entrepreneur is someone who might seek for the growth of his business or not but a startup is a company that aims to expand, and those with excellent entrepreneur skills might want to invest their time and money in a startup. These are profitable and great for anyone looking for long time business ventures. The startup has a lot of loss too, so to start up, the person has to weigh the pro and cons and not just get carried away.

Skills to acquire for a startup

To be a successful entrepreneur, it takes more than just great work ethics. Let’s take a look at the skills required for setting a successful and great Startup

Cash flow

This is an area where most entrepreneurs fail. They can’t manage their cash flow easily, for the cash to flow smoothly the entrepreneur needs to manage the money well if he owes money he better pay on time and the profit should be monitored to have flowing cash which when needed can be reached. To know more about finance you can check

Right delegate

It is essential to be able to have great work experience with your staffs. It’s true that as an entrepreneur you would need free time to manage your business and other things, but the staff shouldn’t be overburdened with duties, and you have to take responsibility of the business too to have great work experience with your staff.

Right communication

Another important skill is the right communication, be it with your staff or the stakeholders. It is necessary to have a concise and clear communication, and the employees should understand and communicate with you in the right manner too, so there is a mutual understanding between the two of you. This applies to the stakeholders too.

Right negotiation

Another skill to master is the skill to negotiate,  you should be strong and direct yet be able to come off as not too strong, and the way you negotiate should be in such a way that it’s a win-win situation with the negotiators. You have to master what to say and when to say it.

Plan strategically

You have to be a visionary and plan your business plan for a duration of three or five years.

Right leadership

Great leadership is necessary for a startup, you need to have the best relationship with your, and you should be an avid listener too,  you should listen so you will know all their grievances and take them into account. You should also know how to motivate your employees to do work they don’t want to do.

Right analysis

The internet is a very important medium, and it’s important for your startup too. You need to analyze rightly and see how much money you invest in your online campaigns and what the returns are. You need to be able to determine the loss and gains from social media campaigns and online ventures.

 Manage your time right

Another skill is how to manage your time.  There is so much to do in such little time, so it is necessary to manage your time right. With so much distraction from social media to the latest news, you might just get carried away, but knowing how to manage your time best helps a lot. Your time is everything, so treat it well.

Another area to focus on while starting a start is to manage the debt. Debt management is necessary. When you start up, you will not see a profit for the three to five years, and you’re sure to be in debt from your investors, loans, credit cards. You’ll be in debt until your business takes off.  Here’s how to manage your debts


The best way to clear debt is planning a debt while still in the process of starting a Startup planning beforehand helps you to be able to cope with the pressure of the debt. Debts are always going to be there while starting a business, but that does not mean that you stop from a startup the best attitude is to accept that there’s going a to be debt but focus on the things that will bring the profits.


In some studies, it’s found that 9 %of the business does not set a budget, and this can mean trouble because startup usually does not only mean on plans to spend your money but also how to control the cost is important. There are many failures due to this. The setting up and ongoing cost should be well planned from the office space to the staff pays everything needs to be planned.


Another thing to consider is that every startup usually start from a loan or through investors dealing with multiple streams of funding is difficult and therefore pulling all your debt into a consolidated loan is manageable this means turning several repayments into a single payment this is much easier and saves a lot of time.

Cut back on unnecessary expenses

It is important to manage your finances well. When your debt spiral out of control, it is high time to take the high road to clear the debts, and this means figuring out every expense and cutting down on the costs.


Therefore is it necessary to see that a startup cost a lot of money and debt management is necessary Debt and startup go hand in hand and as the profits too. It’s necessary to realize that once you begin, you are bound to fall into debt for nearly five to ten years that is if it’s a big startup. But it is necessary to see that after the debt are cleared the profits the business makes is all yours too but before a startup essentially important is the fact that you may need loans and angel investors but prioritize your business and clear off all the debts and you would see your business expanding after ten years in business.


You have to dare to dream and carry out your dream. Dream big and achieve big. With every startup, strong work ethic is necessary, but skills are essential so blend these two well to achieve big.


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