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The office must be a safe place to work. This is a fundamental right that every employee should have. However, the office can turn into a dangerous place, especially if you are sexually harassed, sexually harassed, or harassed. This is a big problem all over the world, even if it doesn’t happen. Sexual harassment has been a long-standing problem in society. Sometimes it can be a quiet topic that no one is going to talk to, a powerful person, a boss, or a boss. However, in recent years, a wave of harassment for justice has rushed in, and the problem of sexual harassment has been unearthed from under the rug. Get the right compensation. So what should HR do if sexual harassment occurs in the workplace? This article describes what to prepare. Related laws and how to prevent this problem from occurring in the long run.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Harassment or sexual harassment that can happen anywhere, anytime. In this case, we will primarily be talking about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, mainly defined as compulsive sexual acts or behaviors. unwanted use of power which makes others suffer annoyance get embarrassed or feel insulted Including tracking and harassing until causing an atmosphere that is not safe for sex


According to the survey of A 2021 International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC) online poll of 12,242 workers in 10 countries found that about a third (33 percent) believe that women are more likely to experience violence and More workplace harassment than men in most occupations. Today, workplace bullying, violence and harassment take many forms and lead to physical, mental, sexual, and economic pain. This is a problem that should be urgently addressed and prevented.

What should HR do if there is sexual harassment in the workplace?

In 2020, a benefits survey on the role of HR for more than 500 employees in small businesses found that 35% of people do not trust HR because everyone thinks HR protects the company but not an employee, this includes cases of sexual harassment.

How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

“Prevention is better than cure” This is an important point of view for all human resources personnel as it does not even cause sexual harassment problems. Then we can summarize it into six points:

  1. The company must have a clear policy on sexual harassment

A policy that must cover all forms of action including clearly defining the method of punishment Importantly, policymakers will have a good understanding of sexual harassment issues or related laws. in order to control the problem as much as possible. In cases of occurrence of such issues, it must be dealt with the help of sexual harrassment lawyer.

  1. Provide training for employees

Having a sexual harassment training in the workplace is important to all employees. It is to create understanding about Sexual Harassment by having to cause awareness (Awareness) at least once a year, both what harassment is. Explain what rights the employee has. Review the claim process and support safety in the workplace to be a reality.

  1. Create a strong corporate culture against harassment

It is one of the factors that create a safe working atmosphere. If the organization can create a culture of rejecting all forms of Sexual Harassment, especially those in power and the men in the organization who are often accused. which if causing Harassment-Free will make employees feel safe for sure.

  1. Make Claims Easy

Of course, the victims are often embarrassed or afraid to make a claim. Ideally, HR should open a simple, comfortable, safe, and immediate claim channel, such as an anonymous claim.


  1. Serious investigation and investigation of claims

Sexual Harassment at workplace – Sexual harassment is not common. The effects were more intense and dangerous than anyone could imagine. The pain of every victim should be investigated seriously and fairly. to build confidence for employees.

  1. Regularly check the working atmosphere of the office regularly

Periodically observe the relationship of all employees or co-workers, but not watchful. Sometimes we may even be aware of harassment from gossip bands. This includes checking for various stimuli within the organization such as posters, memos, or anything else that may bother others.

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