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What size of electric bike should I buy

Are you looking for an electric bike? Never had any electric bike? Feeling a little confused after checking your new bike then this blog is for you! The size of the bike should be something which you need to make sure of before buying one. Buying an electric bike is difficult if you are an adult. In adult life, our body size, height, and structure differ a lot. You need to be cautious in this case.

 You may think a 26 inch electric bike is best for you or some other length. We will help you to know which electric bike size is best for your body type. Keep reading to learn more exciting details. 

Size of factors you should consider before buying an electric bike

There are different factors you must consider before moving to buy an electric bike. 

Riding style –

 Recreational/Cruiser – Cruiser or Recreational electric bikes are made for flat roads or surfaces. They provide comfort features like cushioned seats, high we r handlebars, comfortable structure and so on.

Commuter – Commuters’ electric bikes are larger and include narrower tires. They have nice seats which are good if you take longer rides. If you are looking for comfortable electric bikes then Commuter is good.

Mountain Mountain electric bikes are made for trail riding. They have wide tires and hardcore components for a long journey. Mountain bikes are one of the hard-core electric bikes available in the market.

Road – Road bikes are made for fast riding. It’s great for a flat surface. You will find cruiser and road electric bikes similar. They both have wider tires and lower handlebars.

How to choose the perfect Electric bike?

You have to choose a perfectly shaped electric bike for your daily use. Unless you will suffer back pain, wrist pain or other health issues. Take your body measurements first. Then choose an electric bike by comparing them with the bikes. You will have perfectly fitted electric bikes then.

Frame size 

The electric bike’s frame size is the first thing you must consider. For other electric bike parts, you can customise but for the frame size, you are unable to do so. The wrong frame size can cause you back pain. Getting the right size frame holds an important place. A 26-inch electric bike may or may not be best for you. If you are ordering online then measure the best-fitted frame size for your body.

Horizontal top tube 

The horizontal top tube is a measurement between the centre of the seat post and the head tube. Wrong Horizontal top tube measurement can cause wrist aches. Compare your horizontal top tube with your body length. 

Standover height 

Standover height is measured as per inseam length. It comes between the frame and the middle of the seat tube. However, there is a standard measure for Standover height so you don’t have to struggle for it. But you can also keep your options open.

Stack and Reach

Stack and reach measured above the bottom bracket. The stack is based on the head tube. The reach is based upon the stand.

Proper measurements to find the right electric bikes

 You must take accurate body measurements before buying an electric bike. Here is a list of measure requirements –

Height measurements 

Know your height. It will be the main thing while riding a bike. Your height decides how much ability you have to control your bike.

Inseam measurement 

In-seam measurement is also an important one. Put something between your legs which may look like a seat and then take the measurements with tailor tape. 

Body size

Body size is very important for selecting a bike. If you are slim and tall then your bike will be different from someone a bit healthy and of average height. Heavy bikes are for those people who have the muscle and body to control them.


 If you choose something below the average of your regular size then it can even cost you accidents! Otherwise, you will have back pain, wrist ache, thigh pains and many more.  Hope in this blog, we have discussed everything for your help. Now choose a 26-inch electric bike or another bike for your ride!

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