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Soccer is a game of scoring goals and a 0-0 draw, even though it happens, is a rare occurrence. Thus it is quite natural that soccer betting would include wagers which are based on the goals that are scored. Even tipsters provide separate soccerway tips for goals scored. Not only are the wagers based on the number of goals scored, bets are also placed for the players scoring the goals. Hence there are such wagers as first goals scorer, last goal scorer, maximum goal scorer etc., each of which deserves careful deliberation to put a stake on because winning can only be facilitated with a complete analysis of facts, figures and statistics. Tipster websites who specialise on these goal wagers and offer whoscored tips are thus in great demand.

Some soccer goal based wagers

There are many goals based wagers that can be made to become very profitable like:

  • Over under goals: This is a straight forward, easy and very popular goal wager. In this wager, punters have to predict whether the total goals that are scored in a game will be above or below a certain number as decided by the bookmakers. Thus soccerway tips are given out in such a way that the punter is:
    • Able to choose which specified goal he want to bet on and
    • Take a correct decision on the total goals that are predicted to be scored.
  • Total goals band or bracket: This is a variant of the total goal scored wager wherein instead of betting on a specified number of total goals that are likely to be scored, the punters bets on a range of goals. This range or band or bracket as it is called, should be decided only after taking into consideration the whoscored tips and predictions that are made by tipster websites.
  • Exact total bets: As the name suggests, herein the bets are place on the exact goal scored in an upcoming or ongoing game of soccer. Thus this is a pretty straight forward wager which only needs detailed analysis of the previous games and the statistics and data available to be able to make it profitable.
  • Goals scored at halftime: Just like the exact total goals, this wager requires punters to decide on what will be the exact number of goals that are scored during the first half of the game. Herein also soccerway tips are of a great help since previous data need to be analysed and reviewed.
  • Both teams to score: Abbreviated as BTTS, this wager is very easy to understand as it requires punters to bet on whether both teams will score goals in the upcoming soccer game. Punters herein are required to either bet on “yes” if they feel that both teams will score or a “no” if they feel the reverse.

All of the goal wagers mentioned above require mathematical calculations and thus punters need whoscored tips to be able to make the same profitable. A little research and partnership with a good tipster website go a long way to ensure the financial viability of these goals-based wagers.




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