What To Expect When Exploring Sports Boarding School Options

As a parent or guardian, choosing a revered boarding school for your child can be a nerve-racking decision. You want everything to be just right. You may be looking for a program that is highly focused on academics so that your student has every opportunity to excel at the college level. You want the school to provide a safe and clean atmosphere that promotes learning.

Perhaps your student is a highly motivated athlete. When you add a focus on athletics into the equation, finding the right school and making a commitment to it can become even more tricky. Here are three considerations to keep in mind when looking into sports boarding schools for your child.

Inside and Outside the Classroom

Sports boarding schools are not unlike public schools with regard to curriculum, as they both provide college-preparatory education. The curriculum taught varies from school to school and from state to state. The main differences in academics between public and boarding schools are usually found in the size and intensity of the classes. Although public schools often offer college prep courses, sports boarding schools can be slightly more demanding due to the athletic commitments involved, such as practice and personal training. Their class sizes are generally smaller than those you will find at public schools, as well.

Campus Management

If you are concerned about sending your child off to a boarding school that mirrors college, you are not alone. This is a frequent point of apprehension for parents. Some sports boarding schools are coeducational; others are not. Across the board, however, teachers and staff often take on multiple duties. They strive to provide a superior education in the classroom while also providing supervision and guidance for students campus-wide, including in residence halls.


Cost and Alternatives


With sports boarding schools being private, residential, and specialized, there is often a considerable tuition fee that accompanies enrollment. Although this may be a deterrent, many schools offer potential financial aid options such as scholarships and sibling discounts. Because sports boarding schools focus on athletics, many students have goals of attending universities and colleges on athletic scholarships, making boarding school an investment in their futures.


Choosing a sports boarding school is often a large commitment. Ultimately, it can provide overwhelming benefits for a child who wants to excel in both sports and academics. Nurturing both kinds of talent at an early age can show positive and extraordinary results.


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