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Welding technicians’ primary responsibility is to join metal parts together. Welding technicians work over pipelines, refineries, automobiles, bridges, power plants, or ships. There are booming and amazing career industries that this field could provide you.

According to fortune business insights, ” The global welding market size was USD 19.53 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 27.22 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.3 % during the forecast period”.

Let’s see the various Welding technology industries you could pursue a career in and ensure greater and satisfactory earning working with that fantastic MIG welder -” The welder’s super glue gun.”

How Much Does A Welder Make?

Let’s look at the average annual income of welders worldwide. 


United States $43,000/yr
Switzerland $72,000/yr
Australia $55,000/yr
Norway $48,000/yr
Canada $41,000/yr
United Kingdom $33,000/yr


What Are The Different Industries Into Which Welders Can Dive!

Welding isn’t just about connecting metal parts. There are a bunch of astonishingly satisfying career options out for you in the field. 


  • Aerospace Welding Industry

The average salary for an aerospace welder can be an hourly $22 to $36!. In Aerospace welding, welders manufacture parts and products of airplanes, space crafts, and space shuttles. This needs command over working with metals such as aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. According to reports, the welding industry employment is expected to rise by 3%-4% by 2029. This welding requires professionals to work with manual as well as automated welding instruments. According to, a NASA SpaceX welder makes $106333 every year!! An ultimate welding career at PTTI that can offer you the opportunity to satiate your thirst for aircraft and space shuttles !!

  • Inventing

Scroll the internet and amaze yourself with the unbelievable amount of inventions that were made possible through welding and welders! Your skills in welding could help you bring your genius idea to life. A great idea and skills are the perfect ingredients for an invention. In addition, you could make your products using your skills and build your business!!

  • Boilermaker Industry

These welders use their skills in manufacturing, repairing, and even modifying boilers, tanks, vats, furnaces, and others using oxy-acetylene gas torches, shielded metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. According to, a boilermaker’s average hourly salary is $29-$31! So this can be a perfect career option for those who love to work in active construction sites, fields, and emergencies.

  • Jewellery And Precious Stone Welding Industry

The average salary of a master jeweler-cum-welder is $14 per hour. They melt, mold, design, repair, and fabricate precious metals into jewelry. As a result, many people are interested in this job !!

  • Structural Welding Industry

Specifically works with iron and steel and uses them to build structures and buildings. Salary could be as high as $20 per hour.

  • Pipeline Welding Industry

Commonly called pipefitters. Their main job is to work with pipes, more specifically, weld and solder pipes, resolve pipe leakages, and attach pipes to fixtures.

Their salary, too, is attractive and is averaged at $25 per hour.

  • Motorsports Welding Industry

This career option could attract and satisfy millions. You can become a motor designer and modify unique bikes and cars(race cars as well). Their hourly wage at $35 on average, and you can apply for a high-paying welding contract.

How To Receive Certified Welding Education?

To begin with, you need first to achieve your high school diploma, or its equivalent. Then you attain a certified welding education from a welding school. A welding school ensures you develop the attributes of a master welder and provides you with practical, hands-on, and theoretical welding education that ensures a successful career.

How much does a welding school cost?

Typically, a welding schools’ average yearly fees could range anywhere between $18000 to $20000. However, if the welding school is public and not private, the fee could be as low as $7000 per year.


Having described such satisfying options in welding technology, a welding technician can be sure of a good-earning, flexible, skill-building path in life and unique journey with their career in the field and that too without a college degree or extreme qualifications. Having passion works wonders. Welding is a job in demand and can never be underestimated looking at the unique, meaningful, and versatile work welders get to do.


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