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Some of the fruits have a great taste when combined with yogurt, while others just spoil the taste of this otherwise incredible experience.

Everyone loves yogurt for breakfast because it’s different, refreshing and pleasant. It contains high levels of calcium, proteins, and vitamin B. Those are some important elements that strengthen our bones and safety barriers of our bodies. Have you asked yourself the question of why yogurt has a better taste with some fruit, unlike others? Today we reveal the secret!

With many types of fruit, your yogurt becomes a sweet treat or a healthy tasty breakfast. Some of them are bananas, strawberries, cherries, but if you put kiwi, papaya or pineapple in it, the yogurt becomes bitter! You turn the pleasure into a mistake! The yogurt finds itself in the trash can, but what’s responsible for all of that?

According to studies, there’s an enzyme called actinidine, who’s responsible for everything. When kiwi gets into contact with yogurt, this enzyme destroys the milk proteins it contains. The result is yogurt that used to be so delicious suddenly becomes so bitter. The enzyme itself usually serves in making meat digestion faster.

Let’s continue with pineapple, which contains bromelain. It also worsens the yogurt’s taste. It is a plant enzyme with a vegetative character. It has a good effect on osteoarthritis and blood clotting. It’s just not the best thing you can add to your yogurt! Still, don’t worry even if you make this combination, because it’s not harmful or dangerous for your health.

Papaya isn’t recommendatory as well, due to the papain. It’s a digestive enzyme which also contributes to bitter taste to the otherwise light and pleasant dessert.   

What to do to avoid the bitter taste?

For those who love the above-mentioned fruit that is incompatible with yogurt, we’ve prepared some different tricks! Using those you can still enjoy your yogurt without feeling the bitter taste.

Our first suggestion is to brown the fruit in the oven. This way the taste won’t be unpleasant, but an interesting combination of sweet and sour.

The second thing you can do is to try to add the fruit immediately before eating. By doing this you won’t give it enough time to acquire a bitter twang.

The third option is to just eat the fruit and the yogurt separately. An easy and simple solution to the problem!

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